Beverage Filling Machine

All You Need to Know About Beverage Filling Machines

Due to its high demand, the beverage industry has a large need for high-speed filling machines to increase production efficiency. Most filling machines are primarily used for carbonated beverages. However, later on, it becomes useful for filling containers with other beverage types. Beverage filling machines are designed with different models and each has specific container shapes, materials, and sizes suitability. If you can’t decide what type of filling machine you should use for your beverage production, this guide is for you. This guide will provide you with great information about the beverage-filling machine, how it works, its applications, features, and more. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Beverage Filling Machine?

A beverage-filling machine is designed with advanced technology, ensuring it meets all the requirements of the beverage industry. This machine is combined with three different functions including washing, filling, and capping. These three functions are performed automatically by the beverage-filling machine.

Aside from that, beverage-filling machines are designed with a control program, automated cleaning systems, reverse-flow systems, and temperature control systems. These systems integrated into the machine assure ease of use and reliable operation.

What is a Beverage Filling Machine

Working Principle of a Beverage Filling Machine

Beverage Filling Machine
Beverage Filling Machine

These machines use pressure to fill the containers with beverages. The beverages will flow into the containers according to their weight when there is increased pressure.

Its filling mechanism ensure precise beverage filling. Therefore, allowing easy adjustment and control to make sure that exact amount of beverage is poured into the containers.

Beverage filling machine is also integrated with No bottle- no fill mechanism. With this function, the machine will automatically stop the filling process if it does not detect any bottle in the machine’s conveyor. This can help in reducing beverage product waste.

Beverage Filling Machines for Different Containers

PET Bottles
PET Bottles

Beverage filling machines can provide high filling accuracy to PET bottles with small spouts. This machine can fill up to 900 pieces of half-liter PET bottles every minute. It offers high-speed beverage filling to PET bottles while maintaining safety and clean operation. With its efficiency, you can assure that beverage filling machines can pour PET bottles with uniform beverage volume.


Beverage filling machines can fill beverage products with up to 2000 350ml-cans per minute. The filled cans are then transferred into the machine’s cap seamer and attached with a cap. Through its electromagnetic flowmeter, the machine can maintain a uniform filling before it disperses the beverage into the cans.


Beverage-filling machines can be used for filling glass or plastic bottles. There is a comprehensive range of models that are designed for filling bottles with different sizes. It can also be used for filling returnable or one-way bottles with beverages.

Suitable for Filling Different Beverages

Important Features of a Beverage Filling Machine

  • Integrated with user-friendly and smart HMI with easy-switch-language
  • Heat-protection, heating, and plate-reflection system ensure even heat
  • Automatically sterilizes the bottle, can, and other packaging material
  • Designed with a high-pressure gas recovery system, ensuring up to 30% compressed air savings
  • Clean and safe body/filling valve
  • Built-in servo stretching mechanism to ensure accurate positioning

Components of a Beverage Filling Machine

  • PLC
  • Inverter
  • Touch screen panels
  • Switch
  • Contactor
  • Relay
  • Drive motors
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