Carbonated Drinks Filling Machine

Your Ultimate Guide to Carbonated Drinks Filling Machine

Carbonated drinks are enjoyed by thousands of consumers worldwide due to the refreshments they can provide. Before it is consumed, manufacturers use filling machine to ensure a safe and perfect bottling process. In this article, we will discuss what is carbonated drink filling machine, their types, advantages, working principle, features, and different factors to consider before choosing. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine?

A carbonated drink filling machine is a filler machine typically used for filing carbonated drinks into bottles. It is suitable for filling bottles with beer, soda, carbonated juice, sparkling water, and more. These machines are suitable for filling both plastic or glass bottles. Aside from filling, a carbonated beverage filling machine can also perform bottle washing, capping, sterilizing, and more functions. Most of these machines are constructed using 304 stainless steel material to ensure a hygienic and safe production. Carbonated filling machine can provide sufficient carbon dioxide to drinks, therefore, adding bubbly appearance and fizzy taste.


Two Types of Filling Machines for Carbonated Drinks

3-in-1 Combo Carbonated Drinks Filling Machine

These machines work by a rotary principle. It is the most common used machine for filling carbonated drinks.

3-in-1 combo carbonated soft drink fillers provides faster and more efficiency in filling. It also performs other functions such as:

  • Rinsing
  • Filling
  • Capping
3-in-1 Combo Carbonated Drinks Filling Machine
Split Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

Split Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

These types of carbonated drink filling machine can provide more advantages than 3-in-1 combo machines.

Split carbonated soft drink filling machine offers higher accuracy level while maintaining a high speed rate. Its versatility makes it ideal for filling different carbonated drinks including:

  • Sparkling water
  • Beer
  • Soda

Important Features of a Carbonated Filling Machine

Features of Carbonated Drink Filling Machine
Features of Carbonated Drink Filling Machine (1)

A good carbonated beverage filling machine should have these important features:

  • Compact structure, automated system, and easy operation, and good shape.
  • The conveyor is linked directly with the machine’s feed-in star wheels, allowing to change bottles easily.
  • Strong and sturdy rinsing clamp without bottle-mouth contact, ensuring more hygienic filling process.
  • Uses a hydraulic cylinder to control the valve’s on-off system
  • The rinsing clamp is equipped with efficient spraying nozzle
  • High accuracy and high-speed bottling valves ensuring zero liquid loss
  • Magnetic capping heads with constant torque to ensure high-quality capping function

Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

How Does a Carbonated Drink Filler Work?

The carbonated drink filling machine uses a rotary platform to fill containers or bottles with carbonated beverage. Due to its rotary design, this machine can simultaneously fill bottles.

When the carbonated drink and bottles are ready, the star wheel of the machine will take a hold of the bottle. The bottles will be transferred into the filling platform and start the filling process. It can fill the bottles with the exact amount of carbonated drink.

Major Components


The conveying system of a carbonated drink filler is responsible for transporting the filling heads, bottles, and raw materials in different platforms.

Filling System

This component provides the pressure needed to provide CO2 gas into the bottles. Therefore, helps the drink to have the right carbonation level.


A carbonated drink filling machine has a sterilization component. This assures that the beverage are protected against harmful bacteria, ensuring hygiene and safety.

Inspection System

The inspection system of a carbonated beverage filler inspects the quality of beverage inside the bottle.

Carbonated Drink Filling Machine


Automated System

The fully automated function of a carbonated drink filling machine allows higher production efficiency and lower labor cost.

Increased Productivity

Due to its high-speed and accurate filling, these machines can significantly improve your production efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

These machines designed with energy efficient technologies. Therefore, minimizing energy consumption. It also helps in creating an environmental sustainability.


With its sterilization system and stainless steel construction, you can assure that your filling process is safe and hygienic.

Custom Options

Most carbonated drink filling machine can be customized according to the type of bottles, carbonated beverage, and production scales.


With its modular design, this machine can easily be assembled and disassembled for maintenance purposes. It also helps in reducing maintenance cost and downtime.

Considerations Before Choosing

Before purchasing these machines, you may consider the following factors:

  • Types of carbonated drink
  • Filling speed
  • Desired accuracy
  • Budget

We recommend that you consult an expert in filling machine to help you narrow down your choices.

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