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Cartridge Filling Machine Manufacturer

LOM as One of the Leading Cartridge Filling Machine Manufacturers More Than 10 Years Experience.

Cartridge Filling Machine with a Good Quality

With over 10 years experience in CBD industry, LOM is an expert in cartridge filling machine manufacturing.

The cartridge filling machines are good for sticky oil like delta 8 oil and THC oil, it also widely use for different container CCELL, JUUL, CART and DISPOSABLE.

LOM will fully support your business by providing whole cartridge manufacturing equipment.

automatic cartridge filling machine

For automatic cartridge filling machine is good for carts and juul. It has a capping function. Fully automatic only need one person operate.

semi automatic cartridge filling machine

Semi-auto cartridge filling machines are suitable for disposable, speed about 600-800pcs per hour.

Manual cartridge filling machine

Manual cartridge filling machine is filling by hand, for the beginning of business or a small production.

Super Cartridge Filling Machine Manufacturer in China

LOM cartridge filling machine with heater, filling and capping function. It has fully automatic, semi-auto and manual total 3 types for choosing.

As a professional manufacturing, LOM cartridge filling machine has a

very high precision. You can use our machine to filling a small volume like 1-2ml.

Besides cartridge filling machine, LOM can also manufacture other CBD industry machine like pre roll machine, doob tube labeing machine, tincture filling machine and more.

Send us your inquiry now, LOM will give you best solution about your production.

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Cartridge Filling Machine–The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is the Component of Cartridge Filling Machine?

The main function of cartridge filling machine is filling oil to container. But like the THC, delta 8 are very viscous, so the machine is equipped with like heater function. And a cartridge filling machine consist of many parts.

Vibrating disk of cartridge filling machineVibrating Disk

There are two vibrating disks in the cartridge filling machine.

One is used for automatic feeding containers, another vibrating disk is used for automatic feeling caps.

heater tank of cartridge filling machine Heating Tank

You can choose 350ml heat tank or 500ml tank for your cartridge filling machine.

You can heat it up to 100 degrees centigrade.

Filling nozzle of cartridge filling machineFilling Nozzle

Because cartridge filling machine mainly for 1-2ml container, so you will have a small size filling nozzle.

If you want a faster filling speed, you can also choose double filling nozzle.

cartridge filling machine capping


The machine has the function of automatic capping.

You can also capping by manual.

mold of cartridge filling machine


Customized mold accoring your container

What Kind of Container Can be Filled by Cartridge Filling Machine

  • 510 Cartridge
  • Ccell
  • Juul
  • Disposable
  • Vape pen

What are the Applications of a Cartridge Filling Machine?

  1. Normal Oil
  2. CBD oil
  3. THC
  4. Delta 8

What are the Benefits of Using Cartridge Cbd Oil?

Cartridge are the most convenient, portable and discreet way to enjoy your favorite oils, waxes, flower and other concentrates. Cartridge give off little to no odor and offer the opportunity to vape inside without affecting the people around you.
The lack of odor also avoids drawing unwanted attention while you cartridge.


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