Considerations before Buying a liquid filling machine

A liquid filling machine is one of the common equipment packagers use in the market to distribute liquids.

With these machines, you can package and distribute many products in liquid form including juice, water, chemicals, etc.

But first, let’s look at some important factors to consider before investing in liquid-filling equipment.

What to look for in Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid Filling Machine
Liquid Filling Machine

Before purchasing a liquid filling machine, there are several factors you must consider and these include:

1. Product Characteristics

Product characteristics are one of the factors to consider while choosing a filling machine since it is processed differently.

You need the correct machine which enables it to fill the container, unlike the wrong machine which fails to fill the container as it is required. Viscous liquid is the resistance of a liquid to flow and it is used to consider the correct filling depending on its stickiness which affects product characteristics.

2. Containers Types and Sizes

The type of container you use is considered important because it has to match the machine’s delivery and method used in handling the liquid.

The material of the container is also influenced by the machine used as you have a plastic container that cannot be deformed easily. The size of the container also determines the machines to be used.

Containers for Filling Liquids
Containers for Filling Liquids

3. Production Capacity

Machines also deliver the expected production capacity shapes once it is under the production desired. The desired production capacity shapes go hand in hand with what is expected for the machine to delegates

Different rates are used depending on how fast or slow the machines are given optimal conditions. Machines do not work at their maximum depending on how quickly the container is fed or packed.

There are different types of filling machines like manual fillings which are used by small business owners.

Also, you can upgrade to automatic filling machines which are a little complex and used by businesses. This is critical if you want high-capacity production.

Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine
Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

4. Automation and Integration

Filling machines can be helped with another existing machine to work. Businesses are advised to at least upgrade their system to allow the low risk of machines once other areas are upgraded.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance

While looking for a machine ensure that it is easier to clean and maintain. During liquid filling process, particles can remain on the machine. If the machine is easier to clean and complies with the CGMP standards, you can maintain good hygiene.

6. Material Compatibility

The material used in filling machines should be compatible with the machine. For this reason, most liquid filling machines are made from stainless steel.

Grade 316 stainless steel is virtually inert. Therefore, it will not react with most liquids o products.


Filling machines have different factors to be considered like cleaning and maintenance, material compatibility, and production capacity among others as discussed above.

At LOM we help you get highly efficient and reliable liquid filler that perfectly matches your business goals.

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