Container Filling System

Filling products in containers is part of a modern packaging solution.

These containers come in different configurations, hence the need to get a suitable filling machine.

Today, we will explore some fundamental aspects of container filling systems – Let’s delve in.

What is a Container Filling Machine?

Container Filling Machine
Container Filling Machine

Container filling machines are machines that are made to mainly fill containers.

They fill these containers with materials that differ like granules, liquids, pastes, etc. They come in both manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems to meet various needs.

Benefits of Container Filling System

With these machines, packing products becomes very easy and highly effective. Below are some of the clear benefits of these machines:

  • High level of accuracy

They are designed to provide you with very high production accuracy. So, there are no miscalculated measurements.

  • Very versatile

These machines can be altered or modified to work with containers of different shapes and sizes. This makes packaging completely versatile.

  • High efficiency

Due to how they are made, you can use them to measure, fill, and seal the container with different materials quickly and efficiently.

  • Very safe

These machines are safe to use. Due to how they are designed, there is little or no human interference. Features like an interlock guard enhance its safety.

  • Easy to use

Due to their control system, everything is programmed before production begins.

  • Easy to maintain

Maintenance of these machines is easy since they can signal when there is a problem with them.

  • Low cost

Since manual labor prices are cut or greatly reduced when container-filling machines are used, the cost of production is always low.

  • Repetitive tasks are made easy

Can be programmed to have tasks repeated.

  • Nozzle heights can be adjusted

This helps to get rid of foamy liquid bubbling.

  • Comes with fill vials, cartridges, and syringes with just one machine.
  • Can easily be configured with rotary piston pumps.

Types of Container Filler Machines

There are many types of container-filling machines available for a wide range of material packaging solutions.

Syringe Packaging Machine
Syringe Packaging Machine

· Syringe Filling Machines

These machines are perfect for different parenteral drugs that are very potent, such as unique biopharmaceuticals. These containers enhance the accuracy of dosages, which makes handling expensive drugs easy.

· Vial Filling Machines

Vial-filling machines are made to fill liquid products with less viscosity. Mostly in the food and pharmaceutical industries, they are used in filling tubes and bottles.

· Bottle Filling Machines

Bottle-filling machines work perfectly for bottling different liquid solutions, like semi-viscous, aqueous, and foaming. They can fill PET, aluminum, glass, and other bottles.

Some other types include:

  • Liquid fillers.
  • Volumetric fillers.
  • Gravity fillers.
  • Auger fillers.
  • Pressure fillers.
  • Piston fillers.
  • Vibratory weight fillers.
  • Powder fillers.
  • Robotic fillers.
  • Inline fillers.
  • Rotary fillers, etc.

Features of Container Filling System

  • cGMP Design

To ensure the right standards are maintained and all foodborne issues are prevented, these machines are designed to comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP design.

Container filling systems sterilize containers before the process of filling starts. This helps to maintain the right and sterile setup throughout production.

  • Accurate Product Dispensing

Container filling machines provide precise and repeatable filling of containers with automated monitoring as well as modifications.

  • Electronically Controlled System

These machines come with an electronic batch report, or EBR, system that records all critical process data. These details can be used to create the right production process.

  • Flexibility in processing.

This feature makes it possible for the system to fill different types of containers with materials that have different viscous and sensitive ranges.

  • Intuitive Operation

Container-filling machines are designed to have a touchscreen, which makes their operation intuitive and easy.

Applications of Container Filling Systems

  • Perfect for stability studies.
  • Gene and cell therapies.
  • Used in the production of beverages.
  • Compounding pharmacies.
  • Clinical trial materials manufacturing.
  • Used in cosmetic product filling.
  • For small-batch production of commercial drugs.
  • Used for R&D process development.
  • Ideal for preclinical development.
  • Used for food processing and in the food processing industry.

At LOM, we have a range of container-filling systems depending on your specific needs. Whether you want vial filling machines, pouch fillers, or tube fillers, LOM is your trusted partner – talk to us now.

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