Features of Tube Fillers

Tube fillers, also known as tube filling machines, come with unique features that make them work perfectly to meet your needs. Let’s get to know some of these features to make your investment decisions clearer and easier.

Key Features of Tube Filling Machines

Tube Filling Machine
Tube Filling Machine

Two Sealing Heads

Tube filler equipment will mostly come with a single or double head. This is why these machines are called machines with a two-sealing head. The single head can be used alone, and the double head can also be used alone.

Power Saving Capability

You do not need much electricity to have cream tube fillers or even tube fillers for general work.

Easy to Maintain Design

Machines for filling tubes, like paste tube filling machines, cream tube fillers, etc., are easy to maintain. All you need to do is follow the right maintenance and usage methods that come with the manufacturer’s guide or manual. The right care keeps machines from corroding.

Automatic Tube Feeders

Tube filler equipment or machines are made to come with both robotized and automatic tube feeders. So, you decide whether to make use of them or not.

Efficient Dosing Pump Assembly

Dosing pumps in tube filling machines are made to be easy to disassemble. Also, other parts are easy to assemble and disassemble. This makes it easy to clean these machines.

Automatic Filling Units

Tube filling machines can be set to fill automatically. This makes the whole manufacturing process easier and quicker.

Automatic Tube Positioning

Tube fillers are designed to be able to position tubes in the right way to make filling smooth and accurate.

Automatic Sealing and Coding

Sealing and coding are required to complete the manufacturing process of creams, pastes, liquids, etc. Well, these machines for filling tubes make sure that the whole process is done right.

Modern Safety Features

You can be sure that by using these tube fillers, you are safe. Since everything is controlled before entering the screen, you do not interfere in the process, and that helps keep you out of harm’s way.

Simple Dispensing

The piston head feature makes these machines worth having. Dispensing is very smooth and accurate due to the piston.

Accurate and Efficient Filling Nozzles

These machines come with filling and sealing nozzles. Make sure the machine you buy has parts that can be extended. This ensures the filling is effectively done and protects tube quality.

Air Blowing Unit

Buy a tube filler machine that has a strong blower unit. This is important if you want to have the sealing quality and fill volume safeguarded.

Control Interface

The best tube filler equipment will come with an interface where all operations of the machine can be controlled. So, when there are even faults as production is ongoing, the machine is able to prompt you and, where necessary, troubleshoot automatically.

Smooth Indexer

Indexing is made very smooth due to the unique features of these machines.

Versatile Design

These machines are made to be able to seal tubes of a variety of materials, shapes, etc.

Tires for Easy Maneuverability

Most machines for filling tubes come with tires under them. So, they can just be wheeled from one spot to the next without stress.

Easy Installation and Setup

You can set up the whole system for tube filling and know when the process will be done. Some paste tube fillers, cream tube fillers, etc. have these features. This is to help meet deadlines.

Remember, these features vary from one filling machine to another. Therefore, depending on your production needs, your manufacturer will help you choose a tube filler with appropriate features.

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