Factors Determining Food Packaging Machine Cost

Different factors determine the cost of food packaging machines. In this article, there is a lot you will get to know, like the different factors that lead to the prices of these food packaging machines and various price ranges too. Read on.

How much Food Packing Machine Cost

Food Packaging Machine
Food Packaging Machine
  • Manual Food Packaging Machine

The cost of manual food packaging machines ranges from $500 to $25,000. Although the cost of labor with these machine types is higher, they cost less compared to other types of food packaging machines.

  • Semi-automatic Packaging Machine for Food Products

The semi-automatic machine requires the involvement of humans to a certain level but not entirely. These machines range from $800 to $45,000.

  • Fully Automatic Food Packaging Machine

With their computerized method of control and other unique technologies, there is no way more labor is needed in human form. Fully automatic food packaging machines mostly range from $2,500 to $150,000.

Factors that Affect Price of Food Packaging Machine

· Functionality

A machine may perform one or more functions, such as fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual, form bags, fill, seal, label, and more. It is important to note that the more functions or capabilities the machine comes with, the higher its price will be. The more automatic functions, the higher the cost.

· Level of Automation

Generally, food packaging machines come in different automation levels. Even these levels have a huge role in its overall cost and price. So mostly, a manual type will be cheaper compared to a semi-automatic type, which will also be cheaper than a fully automatic type. So the automation level plays a vital role in the cost of these machines.

· Packaging Capabilities

Based on the model bought, the capabilities of these machines will differ. The more capabilities of the machine, the higher the cost, and the fewer capabilities of the machine, the lower the price. Machines that are entry-level models will come with limited volume as well as fewer materials; high-end models will use more. Also, automatic machines will be able to do a lot more within a short period compared to manual machines. All these come into play to determine the prices of machines. For instance, automatic machines can form, fill, seal, label, etc. on their own when set up, but with manual machines, most of these need to be done.

· Technology

Semi- and fully automated packaging machines come with more technological influence compared to manual types. Via the control or intuitive interface of automatic machines, the whole machine works. However, the manual type will require an operator. This means that automatic machines, although more expensive than manual machines, will give you real value for money in the long run. This is because you will not always need to pay operators.

Filling Machine Parts and Principle
Filling Machine Parts and Principle

· Packaging Requirements

Since these machines use different packaging methods to get work done, that influences prices too. For instance, aseptic packaging comes with a lot more demand than other forms of packaging. So, if the machine you are buying uses aseptic packaging, you can trust that the cost will be a bit high.

· Type Packaging

Different packaging machines for food come with different packaging types. These include flow wrapping, stretch wrapping, or cartoning. Some can come with just one type, and others have more types. The more packaging types, the higher the price.

· Machine Condition

With these machines, the cost will always vary based on their condition. So, if you choose to buy a brand new machine, you should expect to pay more compared to when you choose to buy a used machine.

· Forces of Supply and Demand

When the demand for a product is high or there is an elevation, the cost of machines goes up.

· Brand of Food Packaging Machine

Famous brands of food packaging machines will always charge you a lot more for their products compared to brands that are not famous. This fame mostly comes due to the trust of consumers in the products of that brand. This means that they can be trusted, and the machine can be relied on to do what it needs to.

· Government Taxes, Dutie

As long as you are buying your machine from a foreign country, taxes in different forms will apply. For instance, import and export duties will come in. These duties and other taxes can add up to increase the overall cost of the machine.


The prices of food packaging machines will always be different based on many factors, as listed in this article. This doesn’t mean you can’t get what you need. Knowing the reasons for the different prices helps you make the best choice.

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