Functions of Filling Machine

Filling machines play an integral role in most industries. From pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics to chemical industries, these machines offer an effective packaging solution.

Broadly, we can classify the functions of filling machines into:

  • Primary functions
  • Secondary Functions

Let’s explore these two broad categories:

Primary Role of Filling Machines


The main function of this machine is to fill products into different packaging just as the name suggests. Or, you can say it directs material into a packaging container.

This is a form of packaging.

Depending on the product you wish to package, the machine can fill:

  • Powder in tins
  • Paste in tubes
  • Liquids in pouches or,
  • Other granular materials in bags

Again, depending on the type of material or container the machine fills, various names have been coined such as:

Auger filler
Auger filler

However, these machines do not fill or package randomly. They fill material based on a measurement system. For example, the machine may fill material based on weight or volume.

Every machine is designed to guarantee high accuracy and reliability in all packaging processes.

Depending on the product you wish to fill, there are many filling technologies available such as:

Product to Fill/PackageRecommended Machine Technology for Optimal Product Filling Process
Liquid, semi-liquid, and paste· Overflow fillers

· Piston filler

· Gravity-filling machines

· Pump filling machines

· Net weight filling machines

Solid filling· Net weight filling machine
Powder filling· Volumetric filling machines

· Filling by weight


Secondary Functions

Apart from packaging products, filling machines can also perform other secondary functions. Ideally, these are functions that support the main filling process.

These functions may include:

  • Preparing filling containers in the hopper for the filling process
  • Sealing or capping filled containers
  • Labelling filled containers
  • Quality inspection for all the filled containers

Depending on your packaging needs, we can recommend a perfect filling machine for your unique requirements.

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