Gravity Filling Machine

Understanding Gravity Filling Machine – Your Ultimate Guide

What is a Gravity Filling Machine?

As its name implies, these machines use gravitational force to perform all the filling process. A gravity filling machine is used for filling each container with the same volume of liquid products using a time-based working principle.

Above the nozzles of the machine is a hopper. The hopper is filled with the liquid products before starting the filling process. After the bottles are arranged under the nozzles, the valves will open. Through gravity, the products are released down into the bottles.

Gravity Filling Machine

Working Principle of a Gravity Filling Machine

Gravity Filling Machine
Gravity Filling Machine

The bulk amount of liquid product is put in the tank above the machine’s valve. These valves are pneumatically-operated and timed independently using the computer. Using a gravitational force, the machine will dispense a precise amount of liquid products into each container. Aside from that, a gravity filling machine is designed with bottom-up capability. Therefore, it can be used for filling containers with variety of viscosities. These machines can also be used for foamy liquid products.

Gravity Filling Machine

Components of a Gravity Filling Machine

Enable for the machine to operate and function, it is designed with different component including:


It is considered as the support of the whole gravity filling machine. The frames are available in both fixed or portable versions.

Filler Bowl

It is also known as the machine’s tank. The filler bowl is located at the top of the machine. This is where the products return from the overflowed nozzle.

Supply Tank

The supply tank of the machine is generally used for holding the liquid products before the filling process.

Filling Valves

Gravity filling machine is equipped with filling valves that open and closes so the liquid product will flow into the containers.

Nozzles and Pathways

Nozzles, tubing, and pipes serve as a pathway of liquid products to flow from the supply tank into the bottles.

Gravity Filling Machine

Advantages of Using Gravity Fillers

  • A gravity filling machine is a cheaper option for limited range of applications.
  • It is ideal for filling chemical substances.
  • These machines are ideal for filling free-flowing products.
  • It can be used with a variety of filling nozzles depending on the product to be filled.
  • Gravity fillers commonly do not use recirculating mechanism. It does not use specialized injectors. Thus, making it a cost-effective machine option for free-flowing and low density liquid products.



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