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Gummy Machine, LOM Come First!

As the best gummy machine manufacturer in China, LOM provide the most creative and reasonable solutions

Why Choose Gummy Machine from LOM:

LOM Machine exported gummy machines to many USA companies with rich experience and the most suitable solution, most USA clients choose us as below reasons:

*Different gummy or candy solutions for 50KG, 150KG, 300KG, 600KG, etc.

*Servo motor is used for filling system

*ABB motors for mixing system, conveyor system


*Gummy recipe can be offed as reference

CBD gummy machine

Gummy filling system and gummy taken-out system is running separately, much smaller capacity, and need more workers and gummy molds

Automatic Gummy Machine

Adaptable for gummy of various shape, it is full automatic gummy production line, from filling, molding, cooling, polishing. Just share us with your gummy design, we will offer the layout plan

Your Most Suitable Gummy Machine Manufacturer in China

LOM MACHINE focus on gummy machine solutions especially in CBD area.

Most popular gummies are square shape, water drop shape, star shape and also gummy bear, etc.

Once gummy shape confirmed, we can offer you mold desgin, gummy production line layout, budget plan and lifelong after sale service.

And if you are interested in our gummy machine running, our USA client are pleased to share their use experience.

LOM can also offer gummy packing machine with various solution, mostly 10 weighing heads is choosen for gummy packing.

Bear gummy Bottle Packing machine in CBD Cannabis market

LOM MACHINE in Las Vegas vapexpo & CBD

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Gummy Machine- FAQ Guide

What is a Gummy Machine?

A Gummy Machineis a device that produces gummy It can be bought online or in stores.

Different types of Gummy Machines are usually used to produce different types of candy flavors.

Gummy Machine comes with a flexible feeder arm that is made from rubber and transparent plastic material.

The device is operated by a single person, and foodstuff needs to be put inside the machine before it gets injected into the soft dough at the base of the machine.

Gummy Machine

Why is Gummy Machine Better than the Traditional Processing of Gummy Candies?

 GummyMachine benefits are directly linked to the production process.

The process of making a gummy using Gummy Machine is more comfortable and more fun.

You won’t feel pressure or stress when making it by yourself.

You can choose whether you want to make gummy of high quality or not from your own decision.

With the use of a Gummy Machine:

-Greater production capacity (higher output)

-Enjoyment of making your products

-Money cost is lower

-Safe to use

-Longer shelf-life

-Cheaper than the traditional processing of Gummy

How Many Workers are Needed for a Gummy Production Line?

There are many different ways to measure how many workers are needed for a Gummy Production Line.

This is because there are different types of jelly.

The tons per hour formula can be used to come up with an answer, but the production line could be making various types of jelly.

For example, it may be making strawberry, blueberry or grape gummy throughout the day.

The number of workers needed for this type of production lineneeds to be calculated based on how much product they will produce in a given time frame.

What are the Storage Conditions for the Gummy Candy?

The storage conditions for the gummy candy are very specific and require the items to be stored in a cool, dry, dark place.

The gummy candy will experience a significant loss of quality if stored in an improper condition (ie. hot, wet, or bright).

It is important that the gummy candy is wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and/or aluminum foil before being placed in any container for storing.

This should also be noted someplace on the outside of the container so it can easily be identified as well as adding a date when it was first wrapped as additional information for future reference.

What are the Components of the Gummy Machine?

  • The main components of the gummy machine are as follows:
  1. Output slot for the gummies
  2. One or more bottling bottles
  3. A miniature conveyor belt system to transport gummy mixture around the machine
  4. Cylinders that the belt attaches to in order create upwards pressure to form the shape of a gummy candy
  5. Magnetic strips on the cylinders act as a guide and hold each set of shapes in its final position until it falls into a waiting container below
  6. This machine is usually operated by one person who will be the gummy maker/operator. The operator will make the shapes with his or her hands from a recipe provided by the company
  7. The gummies are then ready to be packaged in a variety of wrappers and flavors
  8. When finished wrapping up the gummies, there is usually an additional step of placing stickers on top of each pack to mark its expiration date, date of purchase, and other points relevant to keeping that particular gummy fresh
  9. These gummies are then placed in the appropriate casing for sale and distribution to consumers

How do You Mass Produce Gummy Bears?

With the help of gummy machines, you can take care of this process in a much more automated way.

This varies depending on the type of gummy you want to mass produce, but there are a few key factors that dictate how many can be made per hour. Let’s use gummy bears as an example, shall we?

First things first: You’ll need to have the dough already prepared beforehand.

Some gummy recipes are much faster than others, but it’s always best to start with a standard recipe.

This way, you’ll know you have a good base to start with if your machine will produce different results.

The second step is getting your machine set up and prepared: depending on the design and style of the machine, you might need more or less time to get things together.

A standard gummy bear mass-producing cooking machine like the Gummy Machine comes ready from the factory – simply plug it in and get ready to go.

If you’re making your own machine, however, you’ll need to make sure the design is ready and prepared for production.

The third step is getting your gummy bear recipe ready: this is a very important step.

Depending on what ingredients you use, the time it takes to set may vary.

You’ll want to make sure you have the machine on a lower setting to help with consistency.

For example, using milk and eggs in your recipe may mean that it takes more time to set.

The fourth step is, of course, massing out all of the gummy bears at once.

You need to make sure all of them are at the exact same temperature – this helps with consistency as well.

An adjustable warmer is necessary for this step.

This can be just a simple metal rack that you adjust in temperature.

The last step, and one that can’t be taken for granted, is making sure that you get them out of the machine and into the packaging box as quickly as possible.

If you let them sit inside of the machine’s door for too long, they’ll gummy up on the other side and become a big mess. Of course, this isn’t a problem for all machines.

How Long Does it Take for Gummies to Harden?

For gummies to harden, using the gummy machine, takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour of cooling time depending on your gummy recipe.

If you’re using the gummy bear mold, it will take 1-3 hours for the gummies to harden. In order for the gummy’s to stay in their shapes, make sure not to move them out of their molds before they have completely cooled and hardened.

How are Gummies Manufactured?

The gummies are manufactured through the gelling process.

To do this, it’s necessary to preheat the liquid chocolate mix, such as the below recipe.

This will cause it to thicken up into a puree.

The gelling process also includes adding in any dry ingredients (in our example, we used gelatin).

The most important ingredient for making gummies is sugar and gelatin. Sugar is used as a sweetener and helps maintain the shape of the finished product by causing it to set.

Gelatin is used as a binding agent and provides long-term softness.

What are the Benefits of Having Gummy Machine?

The benefits of having a gummy machine are plentiful.

For starters, there’s the obvious benefit of not having to laboriously and tediously make each gummy oneself.

Gummy machines are designed for speed and simplicity, so they require little effort on your part.

Most gummy machines come with pre-programmed recipes that yield a straightforward gummy.

If you decide to make your own gummies, you need to understand there’s no way to guarantee it will be the same each time you make it.

The main reason for this is that gummies are made with gelatin, and gelatin contains collagen.

Collagen can be sourced from various animals, including pigs.

Although it’s not widely publicized, pork-derived gelatin is the most common type of commercial gelatin.

For people who can’t eat pork, having a gummy machine would be a godsend (for the religious among us).

No one wants to wake up in the morning and realize they’re about to consume a pig product as part of their breakfast meal.

What Quality Standards Should the Gummy Machine Conform to?

The quality standards that the gummy machine conforms to are that of being energy efficient, esthetically pleasing, and affordable.

It should also be able to produce a wide variety of types of gummy. Lastly, it needs to have a sound safety mechanism in place so as to not damage the taffy during use.

One way that the machine could achieve these standards is by using an electric oven with a fan on top and temperature controls on the side that is easy to access for adjustments.

Also, a spout would be placed in the gummy machine so that the taffy would not be damaged by the taffy machine during use.

Likewise, the case for the machine could also be made out of non-toxic materials so as to prevent damage over time.

In addition, the place where the money is inserted should be placed at a convenient location so as to not create inconvenience for users.

The gummy machine would also achieve quality standards by being able to produce a variety of different types of gummies that people like to have.

It should be able to produce flavors such as cherry, orange, lemon, and lime.

Likewise, it should be able to produce an assortment of colors since gummy in different colors have different tastes and this ultimately results in what the consumer will want to purchase more often.

How Can I Make Sure that My Gummy Machine Will Last Long?

In order to ensure that the gummy machine will still perform at its best even for a long time, it is advisable to clean it frequently.

The time span between cleaning the machine depends on how often you use it and how long you will leave the gummy mixture in the machine.

But in general, it is advisable to at least clean the machine after every 4 hours of usage.

This will guarantee that your machine will always be ready to produce a new batch of gummies.

To maintain the quality of your gummy mix, it is also advisable to empty the gummy mixture from time to time.

In order to ensure that you do this perfectly, there are some factors you should consider.

First of all, make sure that the gummy machine does not have any containers inside for storing your mixture; otherwise, every time you open the machine and remove a container’s content, it will spoil your batch.

If your machine has a container, you can empty it in the sink. If not, you can transfer the gummy mixture to another container and empty it in the sink.

In order to maintain the quality of your gummy mix and ensure that there is no mold growing in it, clean your machine after every batch.

The cleaning process is very simple – just run hot water inside the entire machine and wipe out all its parts with a dry rag.

This will ensure that there are no mold toxins and your gummies can be stored for a long time.

If the gummy machine is just used occasionally, it is not necessary to clean it more than once every four hours.

But in case you use it more often, you should clean it after every batch and at least once a month.

What are the Limitations of the Gummy Machine?

The limitations of having a gummy machine depend on whether you are looking for a machine to create gummies or gummy candy.

For those people who are looking for an apparatus to produce traditional fruit gelatin sweets, there are limitations.

The type of mix that was used in making the mixture will have an effect on what will be produced by the machine.

If the mixture was not prepared properly, unwanted ingredients may seep into the gummies as they form.

This can result in possible health concerns if certain substances were not intended to be included in the finished product.

Furthermore, the type of ingredients that were put into the mixture may also affect what is produced.

Different materials may require different temperatures in order to produce the best results.

For those individuals who are looking to create a gummy candy, there are also limitations.

The shape that is produced will depend on how long the mixture sits within the machine and how long it remains under pressure.

If it sits too long, then a solid rock-like material will be created instead of a softer chewy texture that most people prefer.

If the mixture is under pressure for a shorter period of time, then there is a chance that the gummies will not form correctly or they may become too soft and sticky.

In addition to having to account for timing when creating gummy candy, individuals may have to consider temperature as well.

Different foods produce different results at various temperatures.

Lower temperatures are used in order to allow for the creation of traditional gelatin sweets.

Higher temperatures are used in order to create harder chewy candy products.

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