How do Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machines Work?

Vertical form-fill seal (VFFS), machines play an integral role in the packaging industry. With their space-saving designs, you can use VFFS machines in pharmaceutical, and food processing, among other industries.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine
Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

How VFFS Works

If you are wondering how VFFS works, we shall explore all the critical steps:

VFFS Working Principle
VFFS Working Principle

Step 1: Film Untwining/Unwinding

This is the initial step in the operation of VFFS machines. The process is initiated by the system whereby the film strip is carefully untwined and directed to another chamber.

System rollers play significant roles in this stage since they are responsible for directing the films that have been untwined from the rolls. After the successful untwinning of the film rolls, the process moves to the subsequent stage.

Step 2: Film Tension and Direction Control

This is the subsequent step that proceeds the film’s untwining stage. Similarly, this step utilizes the use of rollers in conjunction with sensors that aid in directing the film to necessary positions.

Additionally, it is at this stage that tension is controlled to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

For instance, tension control at this stage ensures the alignment of films to avoid the production of poorly fabricated packaging bags.

Tension control at this stage similarly helps to maintain the bags in their desired shapes to avoid wrinkles.

Step 3: Film Formation

This stage involves the formation of the film. A successfully formed film is spread and wrapped to fully cover the desired bottle/tube. Moreover, other activities such as film printing can also take place at this stage.

Step 4: Film Positioning

This stage is also termed the film tracking stage. In this stage, the film is directed and appropriately cut at the intended mark designed during film formation.

Sensors are also available in this stage and they significantly help in tracking down the movement of the film. As such, they help in correcting films that tend to be out of position.

Step 5: Formation of Bag

This is a significant step in the VFFS packaging process. It entails the formation bag and the process is aided by the forming tube. VFFS machines can produce two types of seals depending on the budget and availability of raw materials.

For example, they can produce fin seals as well as lap seals depending on the manufacturer’s taste. However, lap seals are preferable by many manufacturers since they are more advantageous than fin seals. As such, they are poised to have aesthetic advantages and are economical.

Step 6: Filling Bags

In this stage, the formed bags are filled with measured amounts of contents. The sealing process begins.

A hot seal bar ensures that the bags are effectively sealed and this process is termed as the hot sealing mechanism.

Furthermore, the sealing bars are usually double-jawed to seal the bag at both ends i.e. to make top and bottom seals of the bag. This process is thereafter proceeded by the next step.

Step 7: Ejecting Fully Sealed Bags

This is the final step in the VFFS machine packaging process. The process involves the removal of fully packaged bags ready for distribution.

Since the bags remain attached through the seals after filling in stage 6, they are detached from each other by cutting the seals using a knife. The bags are thereafter transported to weighing machines and packed awaiting distribution.

VFFS Packaging Machine Parts
VFFS Packaging Machine Parts


In conclusion, VFFS packaging machines have had far-reaching implications for both the processing and manufacturing industries. As such, these industrial applications should embrace this technology since it is economical and effective.

You can adopt these packaging machines for most industrial applications. Contact us now for custom solutions in industrial packaging.

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