How does a Volumetric Filling Machine Work?

A volumetric filling machine or volumetric filler advanced packaging machine offers the perfect packaging solution for liquid and powder products.

The volume-based techniques vary depending on the design and specific technology.

How Volume Fillers Work

Volumetric Filler Illustration
Volumetric Filler Illustration

Let’s look at some common options:

· Piston Filling Machine

These volumetric fillers have pistons and cylinders to dispense a specific amount of product in a packaging container.

The fluid is fed into a hopper, where the piston opens up to open the valve that lets it flow out and come inside the order cylinder. This creates a pressure that drives the fluid into the container through a nozzle.

This pressure from these hydraulic systems, or servo motors, allows the operator to control volume at will.

Usually, this equipment provides a steady flow of the right amount of fluid via monitoring through a hydraulic system. The piston-filling machine is applied in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, where accuracy should be observed.

• Volumetric Gravity Filler

Volumetric Filler
Volumetric Filler

The volumetric filling of this machine operates on the principle of gravitation. It uses gravitational force as a mechanism to drive the fluid out of the hopper and into the container. However, there is a sequence of scheduled valves programmed with time that provide varying amounts of liquid.

The valve maintained by this machine closes and opens the nozzle to control the volume of fluid in the container. This machine takes gravity naturally and, thus, is cost-effective and easy to use consistently for small and large filling processes.

· Positive Displacement Pump Filler

This kind of volumetric filling machine operates using pumps coupled to a gear or lobe that pulls and forces the pump. The pull of the gear on the pump creates a vacuum that draws fluid in. When the pump has withdrawn, it is throttled, which therefore imparts pressure to the liquid that pushes it into a tank.

This working principle makes it ideal for denser fluids. This mechanical principle of pull and push enables it to be used in the repeated and accurate flow of the liquid.

• Weight-based Filling Machines

The weight-based filling machine has a weighing scale and sensor to determine the quantity of fluid entering the container. The proportion of the liquid depends on its weight and density. The best machine for a given application will be determined by the needs and limitations of that particular filling process.

• Time-based Filling Machines

A timed volumetric filling machine uses a timer or controller to inject liquid into the vessel. This machine has a timer that is set at the opening and closing points for a specific time, which ensures that an adequate amount of fluid is filled. It is suitable for only specific sizes of containers with this machine.


By understanding how these various volumetric filling machines work, you will be able to choose the right machine for your needs. Each type of volumetric filling machine has a unique way of filling container as discussed above. If you are aware of these, it means that you will get the most out of any machine.


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