How to Clean Capsule Filling Machine

There are several ways you can clean your capsule-filling machines. But not all these methods guarantee you the best results.

However, this article guarantees you an easy way of cleaning your machine with positive results.

What is Capsule Filler?

A capsule filler works by filling either powder, liquid, or pellets into soft or hard gelatin capsules. Filling this material ensures you have uniformity in the dosage while speeding up the capsule manufacturing process.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Ways to Clean Capsule Filling Machine Successfully

Regular cleaning of your capsule filler machine enhances its operational efficiency while reducing the operating cost. However, you need to have a professional do the cleaning for you to minimize damage and malfunctioning of your machine.

Critical steps you have to follow when cleaning your capsule filling machine are:

Step 1: Switching Off Power

You need to start by ensuring you have switched off the power supply of your machine. This prevents electric shock which can damage your machine.

Step 2: Disassemble the different Parts of your Capsule Filler

Disassembling maximizes the cleaning process of your machine. This is due to the different cleaning procedures of the different parts of your machine.

The feeding hopper for instance has different cleaning procedures to the hydraulic and vacuum systems.

Main parts you have to disassemble include the feeding hopper, capsule funnel, and bucket. You also have to remove the metering plate and the powder punching rod.

Step 3: Use of the Right Cleaning Tools

The right cleaning tools ensure you have a clean capsule-filling machine. These tools include a brush, a vacuum cleaner, a cleaning basin, and a non-run cloth.

You also need a lubricating oil, a disinfectant, drinking and purified water.

Step 4: Process of Cleaning Capsule Filler

The cleaning process involves using a vacuum cleaner to remove particle remnants from the machine. Particles always remain during the filling process which can contaminate the capsules.

Vacuuming is vital on the feeding hopper, the capsule funnel, and the hydraulic system. You also have to clean these parts using a soft brush to remove any residue left.

The next step involves removing the metering plate and powder punching rod for cleaning. This involves washing thoroughly using cleaning water before rinsing them using purified water.

You then have to dry these parts using a dry rag before disinfecting them using a wet cloth containing 75% ethanol.

Cleaning parts that are in direct contact with your capsules involves the use of purified water. Such parts include the capsule funnel and the capsule filling equipment.

You also have to disinfect the parts using 75% ethanol.

Step 5: Lubricating Capsule Filling Machine

You have parts in your machine that you have to lubricate during the cleaning process. Such parts ensure your machine functions with ease giving you maximum productivity.

These include all the moving parts like the rolling bearing, the hydraulic system, and capsule filler joints.

Important to note during lubrication is the need to use a lubricant that your manufacturer recommends.

Step 6: Assembling the Parts of Capsule Filling Machine

The last step in cleaning your capsule-filling machine entails fixing the different parts of your machine. This is to ensure it functions efficiently.

Always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent damaging your machine.

Manual Capsule Filling Machine
Manual Capsule Filling Machine


You can see that from this article, cleaning your capsule-filling machine is easy. A clean capsule machine enhances the productivity and quality of your capsules.

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