How to Fill a Keg Beer in Simple Steps

A keg can be refilled by turning the tap on and then afterwards regulating the valve on hence making the gas leave just as the liquid will fill the keg

Best Practices When Filling Keg Beer

Filled and empty Keg Container
Filled and empty Keg Container

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Your keg must be clean and sanitized before you fill it, one of the things one must avoid is using dishwashing liquid. Such liquids can wreck the head of the beer.

We have one of the outstanding products that can be used to clean and it is called sodium percarbonate. It helps to remove any stickiness in case you forget to rinse your keg while unfilled.

The lubricant also helps clean and maintain it.

Chill the Keg First

Using swirl ice is the fastest way to clean a keg. The appropriate way before a keg is filled is to cool it and it can be done in different ways like putting it in a fridge or freezer.

The best way to chill a beer is to cool the inside of the keg before filling it to prevent carbonation when the liquid interacts with warm metal.

Gas Flushing the Keg

Gas flushing the keg with CO2 before filling the keg to prevent your drink from being affected by oxygen.

The CO2 can be inserted into the open mouth of the keg.

Different Techniques when Filling a Keg

 Filling KEG
Filling KEG

Filling Keg from Bottles/Cans

Keg can be filled in cans or bottles though it might not be the greatest

You can use a can for various reasons;

  • Can look attractive
  • There is minimal chance of interacting with broken glass, especially on a bench
  • It’s possible to stay cold, and it’s not a must to be placed on ice
  • It can be recycled since it can be transferred to a keg and the bottles to be sold again

Filling Keg from a Beer Tap

Once a tap is fitted with a fermenting vessel you can fill the keg with the lid intact. There are different methods to fill a beer tap and one of the methods is;

  • Basic Hose fill methods, which one should sanitize then chill when using this method
  • Counter pressure fill, which is the best method, and sanitization should be done
  • CO2 is used to flush and chill the keg in this process.

Filling Keg from a Pressure Fermenter Vessel

Pressure will have to be released from the keg every time, this process will get rid of oxidation if the key is purged.

The C02 tank will be fit in the fermenting vessel then afterwards beer should be left to flow into the keg. Remember, the pressure coming from the fermenter is usually the best.

How to Avoid Overfilling Keg

One should avoid overfilling a keg since it is dangerous. This is critical, especially for beer which can escape through gas into CO2 leading to the destruction of the regulator.

  • You should weigh your keg before filling it this is done by leaving a certain amount of head space.
  • Make sure you are careful about how many liters are in the keg to avoid blockage and too much pressure on the keg.
  • Make sure for weights scales use fermenter is marked to ensure there is adequate head space.

Loosen the lid as this prevents foam from getting in the regulator.


We have different practices for filling a keg like cleaning, chilling the keg, or gas flushing the keg as discussed above.

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