Factors Affecting Manual Bottling Machine Price

A manual bottle filler plays an integral role in modern packaging industries. The machines come in different configurations, which explains the variations in cost.

Let’s look at some critical factors determining the cost of these machines:

Price Estimates for Manual Bottling Machine

On average, this is how the prices compare:

  • 50 USD to 200 USD for a single unit depending on the design and other factors we will mention shortly
  • However, if you explore others such as semi-automatic bottler filler machines or fully automatic bottle-filling machines, the prices can be over 1000 USD.
Manual Bottle Filling Machine
Manual Bottle Filling Machine

Factors That Determine Price of Manual Bottle Filling Machine.

1. Size

The size of the machine determines the cost. Generally, a large machine can handle more tasks than a small machine.

Implying, larger machines may have additional features that explain the high prices per unit.

2. Production Capability

A machine with higher bottle-filling capability will cost more. This is because it may have additional features such as more filling stations.

Although it may not apply to all, in most cases the cost is directly proportional to the production capacity.

3. Filling Materials

Form of liquid beverages such as water juice dairy products carbonated drinks might also require distinctive types of machines. This can affect the cost of the machine since some beverages require special materials for the machine counterparts.

4. Customization

You may decide to incorporate additional functionalities for an efficient bottle filling process. For instance, you may have functions such as:

  • Capping
  • Labeling

Or, you may have special customization features depending on your bottle machine design. Adding more features implies a higher price.

5. Filling Accuracy

This is a crucial thing about the machine’s value. With advanced technology ensuring the machine can fill the bottle to the exact required level and minimizing waste or inconsistency is prime.

This factor can significantly influence the price of bottle filler machines.

6. Material Quality

The material used to make the machine performs a major function in determining how much it costs. Long-lasting and food-grade materials such as stainless steel are expensive to acquire compared to other materials.

This will affect the manual bottling machine price. A practical example is a manual bottle filler made from plastic material and stainless steel.

7. Brand and Supplier Reputation

Reputable manual bottle-filling machines are more expensive than the normal designs. However, China offers some high-quality OEM bottle fillers.

At LOM, we offer competitive prices on all our manual bottle-filling machines.

Even as you evaluate the machines, you must pay attention to regulatory compliance and quality. Only buy bottler machines that company with the safety standards.

Apart from these, other factors affecting the cost of manual bottling machines include;

  • Logistics cost
  • Taxes
  • Forces of demand and supply
2 manual bottle filling machine
2 Manual Bottle Filling Machine


As you can see, there are many factors determining manual bottling machine prices. At LOM, we have a range of filling machines depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

Contact us now for all your OEMs on filling machines.

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