Automatic Blister Packaging Machine


  • Blister Packaging Machine adopts the newest type high-power transmission mechanism to arrange the chain and drive the main driving shaft. The errors and noises of other gear wheel transmission can be avoided.
  • Blister Packaging Machine can be optional equipped with photocell correction device, imported stepper motor traction and image- character register to optimize packing grade.
  • Blister Packaging Machine can be equipped with detecting and rejection function device (Omron Sensor) for number of medicines according to the user’s requirement. Blister Packaging Machine adopts imported frequency inverter.
  • Punches frequency:10-35times/min
  • Production capacity:1200-4200plates/hour( two plates one time)
  • Max. forming area and depth:130×100(standard thickness≤15mm) Max. depth 26mm
  • Stroke range:50-120mm( can be designed as per user’s required)
  • Clean compressed air:0.4∽0.6Mpa
  • Total power supply:380V 50HZ 3.8kw
  • Overall dimension:2315*635*1405mm(L*W*H)
  • Noise:<75dB

Automatic Blister pPacking MachineAutomatic Blister Packing MachineAutomatic Blister Packing MachineAutomatic Blister Packing Machine

What is the working principle of the Automatic Blister Packaging Machine?

Blister Packaging Machine adopts photoelectrical controlling system to make PVC, PTP, Aluminum/Aluminum material to be automatically fed and waste side to be cut automatically to guarantee the Synchronous stability of over- length distance and multi stations.


What do you need to make a specific offer for Automatic Blister Packaging Machine ?

To make a special Automatic Blister Packaging Machine offer we will need the dimension(s) of the package(s) you want to use on this machine.

We also need the Automatic Blister Packaging Machine approximate production volume you need per day.

If with other Automatic Blister Packaging Machine special request please also inform us before we make the project.


What industry is the Automatic Blister Packaging Machine suitable for?

Blister Packaging Machine is suitable for industries of foodstuff, medicine, medical instruments, hardware, electronics and etc for packing.



How to order the Automatic Blister Packaging Machine?

You can send me an inquiry,then we could comfirm the Automatic Blister Packaging Machine details through emails or telephone.


Can you offer Automatic Blister Packaging Machine oversea service?

Yes, if request.

But we suggest online problem solving at first.

If the Automatic Blister Packaging Machine problem still shows we can arrange engineer to go to your factory personally to solve the issue.


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