Automatic Carton Packing Machine

This machine is a continuous-running automatic carton machine, a high-tech product of electromechanical integration, which fully meets the requirements of GMP.

The machine consists of a product conveyor belt, a product suction and release mechanism, an automatic instruction manual mechanism, an automatic coding mechanism and a carton packaging machine.

  • There isn’t put carton without material, to avoid the phenomenon of empty carton
  • The stamp can be automatically printed on the tongue of the carton
  • Quick and easy to change specifications
  • Especially suitable for products with many specifications

Carton packing machine

Carton packing machine


Carton packing machine

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Automatic carton packing machine

Lom Machine are leading manufacturer of packaging machine, have more than 6 years’ experience.

We provide successful packaging solution for all kinds of product into carton box and plastic packaging.

Such as automatic carton machine, food carton box packing machine, paper tissue carton packing machine, bearing carton, bulb carton, tube filling and carton machine, carton for vials, sachet, product packed by plastic….

Custom design packaging system, Our company provide high quality machine with best after sell service, welcome new and old customer contact with us for more machine details and best price!


1.What information does the quotation require?
What product do you need to pack?

What are their dimensions?

What are the requirements for speed and output?


2.How to choose the most suitable carton packing machine!

Packing machine means the machine can finish total or parts products and commodity packing processes, including mainly automatic filling, bag forming, sealing and coding, and so on.

The following related process including cleaning, stack, disassemble, and so on.

Besides, packing also including Metering and stamp at packing products.

Using this packing machine can improve production rate, Alleviate labor intensity to meet large scale production and sanitary demand.


3.Do you provide overseas after-sales services? Is it free or extra?

For technical training on adjustment and operation of the equipment abroad, the seller shall send technicians to the buyer’s factory while the buyer shall be charged for such service cost including round-air ticket, boarding & lodgings, visa fee as well as a daily service fee of USD100.00.

For damaged spare parts resulting from quality problems, the seller shall supply the buyer free of charge for replacements within the guaranty period.

Otherwise, the buyer shall buy parts at their own expense.


4.Which products the carton packaging machine is suitable for

This machine is widely used for packaging in many fields such as pharmacy, food, daily chemical, etc.

Such as: blister packaging for pharmaceutical solid preparations (tablets, capsules, etc.) products, bottle packaging for liquid and solid drugs; bag packaging for powder and granular products, etc.

Various forms of bag packaging for food, various filling and carton packaging, desserts, chocolates, candies, biscuits, etc.


5.What are the production process and delivery time condition of the packaging machine or packaging line.

According to products confirm production lists and according to production lists to choose machine type, drawing, spares parts matching, machining, purchasing-assembling-testing-debugging-testing-machine product filling testing-cleaning-packaging-delivery

Under normal circumstances, the packaging machine delivery time is within 25-35 days, customized machines or packaging lines generally ship within 30-60 days.


6.We buy your machine and we would like to do set by myself, if you can provide a set of setting instructions, such as wiring problems?

Yes, we have a set of the detailed Instruction manual, it shows how to wiring and the function of each wire, and how to adjust the parameter, if it cant helps a lot, you can contact us in time, meanwhile, we can provide operate the video.

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