Automatic CBD Tincture Filling Machine

  • Automatic Liquid CBD Tincture filling and Capping Machine can automatically finish the bottle filling, bottle capping.
  • Automatic CBD Tincture Filling Machine with the no bottle no filling feature.
  • CBD Tincture Filling Machine with scientific structure can be singly used, and also can be used with the production line.
  • CBD Tincture filling is the ideal liquid filling production equipment, completely meet GMP requirements.
  • Voltage:220V/110V/380V/440V
  • Dimension(L*W*H):1300*1300*1650mm
  • capacity:20-30 bottles/min
  • Power:50/60HZ
  • volume:2-30ml(customized with different pump)
  • Core Components:Motor, Pump, PLC
  • Filling Accuracy:±1%

Automatic CBD Tincture Filling MachineAutomatic CBD Tincture Filling MachineAutomatic CBD Tincture Filling MachineAutomatic CBD Tincture Filling Machine

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound extracted from the hemp plant.

There are many chemicals in the cannabis plant, and these chemicals are called cannabinoids.

THC and CBD are two of the most famous.


What are the components of the Automatic CBD Tincture Filling Machine?

Conveyor belt, canning head, piston pump or peristaltic pump, turntable, plugging, capping machine (Automatic CBD Tincture Filling Machine will increase or decrease according to your needs)


What is the difference between a piston pump and a peristaltic pump?

CBD Tincture filling Piston fillers use a cylinder and piston to push the liquid through a suction phase and a pressure phase to move fluid through the nozzle.

CBD Tincture filling if you couple a piston pump system with an electrical servomotor integration, the results of your liquid filling will be extremely accurate within a 0.5% range.

CBD Tincture filling Pulsation-free peristaltic fillers use flexible tubing and multiple rollers.

While the CBD Tincture filling setup and operation are simple, accuracies ranges between 1.0%- 2.0% and tubing may have to be replaced often.

To avoid CBD Tincture Filling cross-contamination when products are switched over, piston pump fillers can be disassembled and cleaned, and peristaltic pump tubing can be changed out.


What is the difference between Automatic CBD Tincture Filling and Semi-automatic Filling?

Automatic CBD Tincture Filling Machine equipment and capping machines can reach quotas faster and easier.

Automatic CBD Tincture Filling Machine bottle caps of different sizes can usually be mass-produced with only a few adjustments.

Compared with the use of Automatic CBD Tincture Filling Machine equipment, manual filling and capping takes more manual time and effort, and someone needs to be watching.

And Automatic CBD Tincture Filling Machine  products can work day and night without much manpower, because automation equipment can move products quickly and greatly increase the number of containers you can produce every day.


What are the factors to consider when buying Automatic CBD Tincture Filling Machine?

Product viscosity, output requirements, canning volume, bottle size



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