CBD Gummy Machine

LOM CBD gummy machine, from cooking/boiling, gummy depositing, gummy cooling, gummy demolding to gummy coating.

Meet to GMP standard, stainless steel for all gummy contact part.

Fully auto gummy/candy machine production line, semi auto gummy machine, both are available.

Fully auto line, 50kg per hour, can make 35,000 pcs gummies.

ABB motor, Servo depositing, Electric or Electromagnetic heating.


  • Output: 50 kg/h; 150 kg/h; 300 kg/h; 600 kg/h
  • Voltage: 220V/420V, 50HZ
  • Total power: 90kW; 180kW; 240kW
  • Electricity: 3 phases
  • Gummy weight: 2-6g
  • Speed: 20-35 times/min
  • Water consumption: 3 m3/h

CBD Gummy Machine  CBD Gummy Machine  CBD Gummy Machine

CBD Gummy Machine  CBD Gummy Machine  CBD Gummy Machine

LOM CBD Gummy Machine Manufacturer- The FAQ Guide


What is a CBD gummy machine?

Before that, let’s take a look at CBD gummy.

CBD Gummies are edible candies that contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

They come in a rainbow of flavors, colors, shapes, and concentrations of CBD.

Gummies offer a discreet and easy way to ingest CBD, and effective marketing campaigns by many manufacturers mean their popularity has soared among long-standing CBD users and nonusers alike.


Then, how to make gummies?

With LOM CBD gummy machine, whole process, from gelatin cooking/boiling, gummy depositing, cooling, demolding, coating, full automatic CBD gummy production line.

CBD Gummy Machine

CBD gummy machine video




10 head weighing gummie jar packing line


What is gummy mold?

Look guys, it is gummy bear mold, 20 cavities, obviously shaping the way you prefer.

Different shape, we can custom gummy mold, as long as you can provide drawing.

Gummy mold, there are 2 options, aluminum, food grade silicone or you can say plastic mold,

all suitable for making your own gummies.

CBD Gummy Machine


 Advantage of LOM CBD gummy machine manufacturer

Your one stop solution for CBD gummy!

From make gummy to packing gummy, we help you!

Not only gummy machine manufacturer, LOM machine also can manufacture gummy packing line, like multi-function weighing filling gummy in jar or bag.


Looking for a smaller scale gummy machine, that one man can handle?

Well, we suggest semi auto gummy machine, filling and demolding separately, and cooling part you need do by yourself, such as large refrigerator or bulid a cooling room.


What do you need prepare for CBD gummy machine?

Firstly, gummy need large facility over 50 square meters, industry electricity 3 phase, cooling water, air compressor.

More details welcome contact with LOM professional sales team.


How to choose CBD gummy machine?

We believe you already have an idea or drawing of gummy, each piece, shape, weight, diameter, thickness, all matters to machine.

Otherwise, we need customized work on your CBD gummy machine.

And, we are happy to help design for you.

Besides, from 50kg/h to 100kg/h, it is popular gummy production we manufacturing now.


What is after-sale service on CBD gummy machine?

You can contact our client, in FL, U.S., they can help installation, training and charge service rates.

Also, they have much experiences on bottling line, plastic shrinking packing machine, cartoning or boxing machine.

We cooperated with each other for more than 8 years.

LOM Machine develop dramatically in recent 20 years, a professional Manufacturing for various CBD machinery production line and CBD gummy making machines with customized solutions.

We are focus on CBD and industry cannabis industry, our products have been exported to an extended market of USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

And offices in USA and Germany are built up to provide more convenient service for CBD gummy machine of our adorable clients.

LOM pay attention to the after-sale service for CBD gummy machine, we build an aftermarket team to help the customers deal with the installation, replacement of accessories, operation the device.

We promise to provide superb quality and after-sale service, and is very pleased with customized orders.


What’s the leading time for the gummy machine?

First, we need confirm the gummy shape design, we can provide reference for you. Or provide your own design. Then, we confirm the machine type and mold model.

For Auto depositing machine, need 30-35 working days.

For Auto gummy line, it needs 40-50 working days.

Then, we will test and running the machine, send video to you or you can come to check your machine.


How is shipping?

Mostly, CBD gummy machine is shipping by 40HQ container and by sea, you will get it after 30-40 days.

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