Marijuana Pre-roll filling Machine

  •  Full automatic running
  •  Easy operation with smart program
  •  Suitable for kinds size cones
  •  High output
  •  Timely after-sales service
  •  Power: 110V/220V
  •  Speed: 2000pcs/h
  •  Filling volume: 0.5g-1.5g, auto adjust
  •  2 sets filling station
  •  2 sets vibrating station
  •  2 sets sealing station

filled cig          turntable

Filler Cig                                                                             Turntable

About Marijuana Pre-roll Filling Machine

Automatic Marijuana leaf filling packing machine is created for the pre-roller, cone and joints for the USA market for the Cannabis/Marijuana.

The Advantage of LOM Marijuana Pre-roll Filling Machine

For saving the hard work of filling and packing by workers. LOM MACHINE creates with the full automatic running, include feeding the cone into the turntable, position check, filling leaf, vibrating to make the leaf much compacted, then sealed and finished the work.

It’s continuous turning working to save time, can match 2000pcs/h, and equip the 2 sets of each position.

Also, the program is much intelligence, automatic stop when error come, and will running again after correct the position of the cone.

This machine saves the workers hard work and one person needed for operation. And, it solves the lots problem of the current machine in the market, like precision, dust, and viscosity.

The most important is that it humane made cause suit for kinds size cones and just change the mold of the cone, then it will work again. So, we design it with the adjustable weight adjust, to meet the differ size cone. It can achieve by change the setting on the screen.

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