Marijuana Pre-Roll Machine


  • Convenient Operation, Measuring Accurate, Positioning Precision
  • Fully in accordance with the GMP standard production and passed CE certification
  • UL Listed Screen/PLC + Smart program + Servo motor driven control
  • Weigher, Filling, Vibrating, Tamper, Twist, Cutting
  • Suitable for 3 type cone size: 84mm/26mm, 98mm/26mm, 109mm/26mm
  • The parts which contact material are SUS316L stainless steel and others are SUS304 stainless steel
  • Power: 110V
  • Speed: 2000pcs/h
  • Filling volume: 0.5g-1.5g, auto adjust
  • Weigher
  • 2 sets filling station
  • 2 sets vibrating station
  • 2 sets Tamper
  • 2 sets Twist station
  • Cut and Fold

Pre-roll machine

pre roll cones

Why Everyone Choose Us as Your No.1 Pre-Roll CBD Machines Manufacturer

Pre roll factory

LOM Machine major in CBD machines for years from 2013, and develop dramatically in recent 20 years, a professional Manufacturing for various CBD machinery production line and pre-roll machines with customized solutions.

We are focus on the CBD and hemp pre-roll industry, get Positive response from USA, Europe.

Agent in USA and Germany are built up to provide more convenient service for pre-roll machine of our adorable clients.

LOM pay attention to the after-sale service for CBD machines and pre-roll machine, we build a aftermarket team to help the customers deal with the installation, replacement of accessories, operation the device when the machine in using.

We promise to provide superb quality and after-sale service, and is very pleased with customized orders.


FAQ —Pre-Roll Machine

pre-roll machine

  1. Automatic running or Manual operation?

A: It is Full automatic running, and need one operator to run it. For add cones and leaf powders.


  1. What’s function it has?

A: Lom made pre-roll cone machine has full function for most demands, like the function: Feeding Cones, Loading Cones, Weigh Powder Before Filling, Filling, Vibrating, Tamper, Twist, Top Cut, Fold.

  1. What’s the speed it would be?

A: The sticky of each state is not same, so the speed is from 2000-3600 pcs/hour. The speed control by the screen.

  1. Which size cone is applied for this machine?

A: It suits for 3 size and compatible for following size: 84mm/26mm, 98mm/26mm, 109mm/26mm.


  1. What’s the other Highlights of the machine?

A: Lom Pre-roll cone machine build for 110V, and equip the UL Listed PLC and Screen. By the way, we provide the matched molds for each size cone.


  1. How is after-sale?

A: We will provide the English manual book for you to operate the machine, also provide the shipping dynamic from manufacturing, and the operating video for you to easy use.

You will get, and just need wire the plug, then it would work for you.


  1. What’s would be important for using?

A: First of all, you should read the manual book. Then operate the machine by manual mode. And operate it after know well each function. Maintenance after every day’s working.

8. What’s the filling gram can be done?

A: It can do 0.5-1.5 gram, same as the most popular in the market. Also, if can do much higher gram cause from it adjust by the filling time. The more filling time, the higher weight filled.


  1. Able to be Wholesale or agent?

A: Lom welcome powerful company to be our agent. Support each other like back to back.


What Type of Training and Support is Available to Customers?

Lom proudly leads by example in customer service, support and satisfaction.

        Our highly regarded client success program includes

  1. A dedicated client portal with a range of tools, videos and support documents
  2. A dedicated Client Services representative tasked with providing you technical assistance, virtual training, and in-depth support
  3. And options for On-Site Training.


What is the Warranty Available? How do You Buy Vulnerable Parts?

  • One Year Parts & Labor Manufacturing Warranty is included with every machine.
  • We design, engineer and manufacturer our equipment in-house to uphold the utmost quality.
  • As such, new part orders would be ordered from Lom directly us.
  • Having to source 3rd party parts overseas or from external manufacturers.


How Many Grams is in a Pre-roll?

Pre-rolled joints can vary in weight. The typical commercial pre-rolled joint is somewhere between a ½ gram and two full grams.


Why the Pre-roll Machine is Worth for You?

Hand rolling joints in a commercial setting isn’t a practical method of production.

Each full-time employee rolling joints can cost a minimum of $2,4600 per year or more, while a one-time investment in a machine can lead to 100x to 400x faster production, lower overhead costs, and a quick return on investment.

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