Automatic Cartridge/POD/JUUL/Disposable CBD Oil Filling Machine

  • All 110V Electric working system
  • High precision till 0.01cc
  • Servo motors equipped
  • Small size suit for house making business
  • Compatible for cartridge, JUUL PODS, Disposable
  • Auto program and easy operation
  • Heater from tank till nozzle suit for CBD/THC/HEMP Oil
  1. Pump: Servo motor + stainless nozzle
  2. Filling range: 0.1-2.0ml (Adjustable)
  3. Speed: 800-1500 pcs/h
  4. Precision: 0.01ml
  5. Heater: From tank to nozzle
  6. Size: 600*600*800mm
  7. Weight: 60kg
  8. Voltage: 110V

cbd oil filling machinecbd oil cartridge filling machine

Why Choose Lom Machine as Your No.1 Trustworthy Cbd Oil Cartridge Filling Machine Manufacturer

Pre roll factory

LOM Machine Trade Co., Ltd, develop dramatically in recent 20 years, a professional Manufacturing & Trading company that manufactures various cbd machinery  production  line  with customized solutions.

We are focus on the cbd and hemp industry, our products have been exported to an extended market of USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

And offices in USA and Germany are built up to provide more convenient service for cbd oil cartridge filling machine of our adorable clients.

What sets our CBD oil and Vape cartridge fillers apart from others is our dedication to quality.

We design all of our products with high-quality materials that make our equipment some of the most reliable.

We also provide additional services to help you get the most from your purchase, including installation, line integration, line optimization.

Regardless of what you need for your production line, we have it here at LOM Machinery.

FAQ —Automatic CBD Oil Filling Machine


      1.Can we have a visit for this machine?

A: Yes, you can contact our Florida client if have any questions about the CBD gummy/filling/boxing machine.

And we have cooperated more than 8 years.

You can get his numbers when contact us.


  1. Why yours is high cost than another supplier?

A: You are brilliant, have compare this machine between differ supplier.

First, we equip Servo motor instead of Stepper motor than others.

Second, the small size saves lots shipping cost than other big size package.

Third, we have full experience about the CBD thick oil.


  1. Does it compatible for different products?

A: Yes, it suits for Cartridge, JUUL POD, Disposable and small size bottle.

It is better let know your request about your product want compatible.


  1. What speed or capacity it can do?

A: Usually, it can do 800-1500 pcs per hour, and depends on the oil thickness and worker efficacy.

  1. How to clean when change flavors?

A: Cleaning is our advantage when you finish work after tired day or change flavors.

Clean progress: Add Pure alcohol into tank, then choose the clean time, press the clean button, then it will clean by itself.

You should collect the oil for reuse, cause the alcohol will Volatilize.

  1. How shipping?

A: Automatic filling machine is small size package 600*600*700mm, with 60kg.

Usually shipping by express.

You will get it 7-10 days later.


  1. What is the leading time?

A: Automatic filling machine need 10-15 working days after get your samples.


  1. Does the heater enough for the whole system?

A: The heater system includes the tank heater, tube and nozzle heat preservation.

Make sure the oil keep flow in the tubing.




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