semi automatic labeling machine


  • A wide range of applications, which can meet the labeling of cylinders with a diameter of 10-100mm
  • The labeling accuracy is high,semi automatic labelling machineand the deviation of the label head and tail joints is ≤±0.5mm
  • Adopting a perfect extrusion device for feeding,semi automatic labelling machine only need to put the workpiece, and automatically complete the labeling
  •  Adopt card position adjustmentsemi automatic labelling machine easy to switch labeling of different workpieces
  • With synchronous belt tractionsemi automatic labelling machine the mechanical stability is greatly improved
  •  Desktop design, simplified structure, compact appearance and powerful functions;
  • Voltage:: 110V/220V
  • Speed: 3000pcs/h
  • Label Width:  10-100mm
  • Dimension(L*W*H):600*400*300mm
  • Weight::25KG, 25KG
  • Labeling length::20-200mm

Why Everyone Choose Us as Your No.1 semi automatic labeling machine Machines Manufacturer

Pre roll factory

LOM Machine major in semi automatic labeling machines for years from 2013, and develop dramatically in recent 20 years, a professional manufacturing for various labeling machinery production line and  labeling machine machines with customized solutions.

We are focus on the labelling  industry, get positive response from USA, Europe.

Agent in USA and Germany are built up to provide more convenient service for semi automatic labeling  machine of our adorable clients.

LOM pay attention to the after-sale service for semi automatic labeling machines , we build a aftermarket team to help the customers deal with the installation, replacement of accessories, operation the device when the machine in using.

We promise to provide superb quality and after-sale service, and is very pleased with customized orders.


FAQ —semi automatic labeling machine

1.When was LOM Machinery established?

Answer: It started in 2013 and now has about 9 years of experience in the labeling machine industry.

2: What is your delivery time?

Answer: It usually takes 20 days to produce, but if there are spare parts in an emergency, it can be completed within 15 days.

3: What is the warranty?

Answer: The warranty period is 1 year and does not include easily damaged spare parts, such as heaters, belts, etc.

4 :How do you recommend a suitable filling machine to me?

Answer: You need to provide us with detailed filling requirements, including packaging products, bottle size, packaging weight, bottle type, etc.

5: Can we arrange technicians for overseas debugging?

Answer: Yes, we can provide services as needed, but the fees you need to pay include visa fees, round-trip air tickets, accommodation and labor fees. We also accept you to arrange technicians to study in our factory before shipment.

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