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LOM Machine as the First Pre Roll Machine Manufacturer in China with Professional Experience

#1 Pre roll Machine Manufacturer in China

LOM Machine as a manufacturer with long time experience in CBD series machine from 2013, and our team developed the pre roll machine in 2020.

LOM machine is the first manufacturer which product pre roll machine in China and with a patent.

For customer requirement, we further modified pre roll machine. And now it can be widely used in pre rolls of different sizes.

84mm cones pre roll machine

84mm pre rolls can also called 1/4 size, you can filling 0.5-0.75grams in 84mm pre rolls.

98mm cones pre roll machine

There are two kinds of 98mm pre roll in the market, our pre roll machine only for the fat 98mm pre rolls.

109mm cones pre roll machine

King size is a popular design in 109mm, and it can fill 1-2 gram.

Your Reliable Leading Original Pre Roll Machine Manufacturer in China

LOM MACHINE has developed pre roll machine in 2020 and it has been in many cities in the USA, like New york, Las Vegas, Long beach, Houston, Hawaii and so on.

And we have a good feedback after customer received.

You can have a visit before ordering at our USA client workroom to check our machine running.

As a professional pre roll machine manufacturer, LOM MACHINE not only provide the best machine, but also the best service.

You can send us samples for machine running before buying and you can video call with our engineer for installing. We provide one year warranty for free and lifetime after-sales, too.

LOM MACHINE in Las Vegas vapexpo & CBD

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A Pre Roll Machine Can Satisfy the Requirement of Different Pre Rolls

With the develompent of LOM team, our pre roll machine already achieve very high versatility. It is  suitable for most popular pre roll sizes like 84mm 98mm and 109mm. You only need change the turntable, it is very easy to operate.

  • Wide Versatility

Pre roll machine is suitable for 84mm 98mm and 109mm pre rolls and fill arrange is from 0.5 grams to 2 grams.

  • Easy Operate

For different size pre rolls, you only need change a turntable.

  • Good Service

One year warranty for free and lifetime after-sales.

  • Convenient Transportation

The packing of pre roll machine is 110cm*110cm*140cm, the weight is 300KG.

Good for air shipping and sea shipping.

Pre Roll Machine–The Ultimate FAQ Guide

How to Make a Pre Roll Machine

workshop of pre roll machine

As a pre roll machine manufacturer, it is very important that you have a nice workshop.

In addition to a requirement of the production environment, employees are also a very important part

You need to have a professional engineer and designer. Designers need to have a certain understanding of the machinery industry, can draw drawings according to your needs.

More importantly, you also need a professional technical team, they can make machines according to the drawings. And sloves all of the after sale prolem.

After pre roll machine made, it needs continuous adjusting until the machine is in a good running.

What is the Best Pre Roll Machine?

A pre roll machine needs equip famous brand PLC, like Siemens, Schneider, UL list.

316ss material better than 304SS material for machine.

A beautiful appearance.

And there are a lot of important points, you need to pay attention

  • The accuracy of pre rolls
  • The machine running smoothly or not
  • The effect of pre rolls
  • Easy operation
  • Strong versatility
  • Long time use.

What is the Function of Pre Roll Machine?

At present, there are mainly two types of pre rolls products on the market. One is just twisting, the other is  fold.

Pre roll machine is suitable for two specifications of pre rolls products on the market. It has the following functions.

pre roll twist function

Twist Rre Rolls

For this kind of pre rolls product, pre roll machine mainly have tamper, filling, vibtate and twist function.



pre roll fold function

Fold Pre Rolls 

In addition to the functions of the twist pre rolls, there are cutter and fold function for fold pre rolls.


What is the Highlights of Pre Roll Machine?

Pre rolls product mainly popular in the USA market, it builds for single phase 110V and equip the UL list PLC.

The speed of automatic pre roll machine about 1500-2000pcs per hour, but a semi-automatic only 300pcs per hour. You have a automatic machine will have a bigger prouction.

What are the Limitations of Pre Roll Machine?

  • Cost

Actually it’s not cheaper as a manual production. Can your sales match the output of the machine?

So before you order, you need think carefully if this machine is really you need.

  • Know-how

Your workers need to learn and understand how to operate the cigarette making machine, means that you need to spend a certain amount of money and time to train employees or hire a professional engineer.

What Are the Popular Packing of Pre Rolls?

Doob tube pre roll packing

Box pre roll packing

  • Doob Tube Packing

Doob tube is one kind of plastic tube, each tube tube can put one pre roll.

  • Box Packing

Box is another packing for pre roll, it is popular in 2021, one box can put 4-10pcs pre rolls. So you can share your pre rolls with your firend.


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