Pressure Sensitive Labels VS Self Adhesive Labels – How to they Compare

Probably, you could be wondering whether pressure sensitive and self-adhesive label mean the same thing.

In guide, we will explore everything you need to know about pressure sensitive and self-adhesive labels – let’s dive right in.

What are Pressure-sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Label
Pressure Sensitive Label

This is a type of label that is very easy to use as it does not require additional supplies to stick it to a surface.

The label design features a face stock loaded with an adhesive and you only need to apply pressure for it to stick onto a surface. These labels typically come blank allowing you to personalize the label by printing or writing.

What are Self-adhesive Labels?

 Self-adhesive Label
Self-adhesive Label

Self-adhesive labels are exactly like pressure-sensitive labels and include a face stock with adhesive and a blank space. There are no distinguishing features between pressure-sensitive labels and self-adhesive labels and these terms are used synonymously.

Advantages of Pressure-sensitive Labels

There are several benefits you can derive from using this label variation

  • This label can be designed using various materials making it versatile allowing you to use it in various applications.
  • You can apply the label both manually and using a machine meaning you can use it for both small-scale operations and industrial operations as well
  • The labels are designed to be durable with a multi-layer structure that allows them to remain intact even in outdoor settings.
  • You can customize the label to fit your brand or your personal preference.
  • These labels are also economically feasible as they do not require additional purchases such as adhesives or solutions

Disadvantages of Self-adhesive Labels

There are a few limitations you are likely to encounter when using this label. They include;

  • Bubbling caused by air pockets trapped underneath the label during application may occur. This weakens the integrity of the label and affects its appearance
  • Buying a separate label is more expensive compared to directly printing onto the packaging of the product
  • It can be time-consuming to apply the label as it involves peeling individual units from their liners before applying them to the product. This also results in a lot of waste accumulating as the liner is disposed of.

Applications of Pressure-sensitive Labels

This versatile material comes in various shapes and sizes and you can therefore use the in various applications. Some of the uses of this label include

  • Product labeling
  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Identification
  • Pricing
  • Shipping
  • Safety


Both pressure-sensitive labels and self-adhesive labels are synonymous terms used to refer to labels that come with their adhesives built in. These labels offer an easy and effective way of applying labels to different products and are suitable for all levels of production.

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