Reasons to Use an Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

Reasons to Use an Automatic Bottle-Filling Machine

Choosing to invest in an automatic bottle-filling machine is a move that brings several gains or benefits. Today, we will discuss some of the main reasons why using or investing in this automatic filler is best.

1. Production Speed

Bottle Filling Machine
Bottle Filling Machine

When this machine is used, packagers can produce a lot more than when filling manually or by hand. These machines can be used to fill free-flowing and high-viscosity fluids like paste, jelly, juices, drinks, etc. They also make it possible for multiple containers to be filled at once. So, for every minute, up to 150 bottles can be filled. This speeds up production and makes the flow of work smooth always.

4. Ensures Consistency and Reliability

Automatic bottle-filling machines make it possible for consistent and reliable filling of bottles repeatedly. These fillings make it possible for the levels, weight, volume, and measurements of bottles filled to always be the same.

3. Versatile

These machines are designed for various products and different containers. They can be set to fill different shapes and sizes of containers. Most of these fillers can fill liquids that are both thick and thin. For companies who manufacture different products that require bottle filling, this can be an amazing benefit.

Filler Machine for Different Bottle Sizes
Filler Machine for Different Bottle Sizes

4. Controls are Simple which Reduces Operator Interactions

Although these fillers might seem lengthy to set up when you see it the first time, they are not. When setup to begin work, they will need some adjustments to automatically move from one bottle to the other. However, valuable settings like indexing times, fill times, pump speeds, etc. must be controlled and set. When all that is needed is entered, it works to perfection to get work going.

5. The machine can be Upgraded

Automatic bottle-filling machines can grow with a company. These machines can begin with 4, 6, or 8 fill heads. However, as the demand goes higher, adding more fill heads is possible. A maximum of 16 fill heads can be put on the machine’s nozzle bar. This means 16 containers can be filled per cycle.

6. Time-Saving

Using these automatic bottle-filling machines helps companies to beat deadlines and save time through production. This helps to push the image of the company to the fore.

7. Reduces Waste during Bottle Filling Process

Since automatic bottle-filling machines are designed to fill specifically and directly, there is nothing like waste. So, liquids being filled into these bottles do not smear on the floor or mess the production space up.

8. Saves Energy

The best brands of automatic bottle-filling machines are made with energy-saving features. This helps users to save energy and money even as they are used for production.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you can consider bottle-filling machines for your packaging needs. At LOM, we give you the best bottle filler for all our packaging requirements.

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