Soda Filling Machine

Your Ultimate Guide to Soda Filling Machine

Soda packaging has been evolving throughout the years. From manual bottling to automatic bottling machines in the present century. In this article, we will discuss soda filling machines, their features, suitable containers, and things to consider before purchasing. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Soda Filling Machine?

A soda filling machine is a common machine used in the beverage industry. It is used for filling soda in different types of bottles. Aside from filling, these machines can also perform other functions such as capping and sealing. Most of these machines are made from high-quality stainless steel alloy. Therefore, assuring that the contact part of this machine is hygienic. All soda products processed in these machines are safe for consumers.

Important Features of a Soda Filling Machine

Important Features of a Soda Filling Machine
Important Features of a Soda Filling Machine

Important features of a good soda filling machine that you should look for includes:

  1. A good soda filling machine should have compact conformation. It should also possess less labor intensity, excellent automaticity, good shape, and easy operation.
  2. Interchangeable arc guide plate, feeding screw, and star wheel when changing bottle type.
  3. The machine should be made from food-grade materials.
  4. Designed with state-of-the-art valves to control the machine’s inlet liquid flow rate. This contributes to the machine’s filling accuracy.
  5. Feeding valve closes automatically if there is no bottle. Thus, avoiding product wastage.
  6. Provides efficient cap setting system
  7. Touch screen operation
  8. Excellent protection system against overloading

Filling Soda into Different Containers

How Does a Soda Filling Machine Work?

A soda filling machine works by using pressure when filling. This machine has an automatic control for washing, filling, and capping. It is also designed with touch screen operation. All the filling process and other functions are set in the screen.

Soda Filling Machine

What are the Factors that You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Soda Filling Machine?

Container Type

The first thing you should consider is the type of container you will use for filling soda. The machine’s functions should be compatible with the type of bottle you will use. You should also consider the shape and dimension of the container before buying a soda-filling machine.

Production Rates

It would help if you also determined your current and future production rates. If you want higher output, you should invest in a high-speed machine that can fill bottles around 50,000 pieces per hour.

Filler Automation Type

There are two main types of soda filling machine automation system. It includes semi-automatic and fully automatic functions.

Semi-automatic soda filling machine is ideal for small to medium-size and start-up businesses. It requires human labor to perform some tasks during the process fully.

Fully automatic soda filling machines are ideal for large-scale production. This machine is perfect if you have higher production rates. It eliminates the need for human labor. The machine performs all tasks throughout the production stages.

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