Stick Pack vs Sachet Pack – An Ultimate Comparison

The stick pack and sachet packs are minimalistic packaging solutions that are intended for single use. Their design makes them suitable for various applications including packaging food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals among others.

What is Stick Pack?

This design is a variation of packaging intended for only a single use; it features a compact cylindrical shape ideal for limited products that are meant to be utilized in a single dose.

Usually, this packaging material is typically lightweight which coupled with its compact design makes it the ideal choice for consumers on the move.

It is used in various industries including food and spices, pharmaceutical products and beverages, and other single-dose liquids.

Stick Pack
Stick Pack

What is a Sachet Pack?

This packaging design features a flat compact shape and is typically sealed on all sides or three seals. Its minimalistic design is an added advantage for consumers who are constantly on the go.

It is used to package individual portions of a product and can be used in various applications including cosmetics, skin care products, pharmaceutical products, and condiments.

Sachet Pack
Sachet Pack

Advantages of Stick Pack vs Sachet Pack

Benefits of Stick Pack

Benefits that you can derive from selecting this design include;

  • The tube shape featured in this packaging design is ideal for maximizing the allocated space within the package. This ensures that you get the entirety of the intended product portion making it consumer-friendly
  • The packaging materials used are designed to ensure that the product’s fresh state is preserved. The packaging therefore increases the shelf life of the product
  • This packaging is designed to be utilized once making it more convenient for applications that involve a lot of movement or when you are on the go.
  • This design minimizes packaging material, using up to forty percent less than conventionally shaped packaging. Efficient usage of raw materials in turn reduces the environmental impact of the packaging material making it more sustainable.
  • The compact and lightweight material is affordable as it is relatively cheaper than other packaging solutions. This makes it ideal for your large-scale businesses.
  • Its minimalistic design makes it portable and can be easily carried around without causing discomfort to the consumer. It can also be easily stored in tight spaces and moved about.
  • If you are looking to personalize your packaging, the stick packs can easily customized to better suit your preferences.

Benefits of Sachet

There are several benefits you will experience from using this packaging solution. These benefits include;

  • When it comes to maximizing storage space, sachet packs are efficient packaging choices. The flat compact designs allow you to stack the packets into a limited space.
  • The materials used vary in composition and are generally designed to maintain the freshness of the product. The designs feature seals on all sides to also prevent contamination of the products.
  • There is an increase in utilizing biodegradable materials to make the packets more sustainable. Their lightweight compact design makes them easier to transport in bulk which also minimizes their carbon footprint.
  • In comparison with other packaging options, this design is cost-effective allowing you to reduce production costs without sacrificing quality.
  • These packages typically contain products that are intended for individual applications. This is advantageous in fields such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics as the product is already portioned into the required amount.
  • You can easily customize the material and the visuals displayed better suit your brand and product.
  • The package has a broad range of applications, owing to its versatility. You can use the same packaging design for a lot of different products.

Disadvantages of Stick Packs vs Sachet Packs

Disadvantages of Stick Pack

There are a few limitations encountered when using stick packs. The disadvantages include;

  • This type of packaging is ideal for only limited portions of a product. It cannot be used for larger quantities
  • Usually, the material used is typically lightweight and therefore offers limited protection. Unlike traditional packaging such as plastic and cardboard, this design can easily be torn or damaged directly affecting the product
  • The compact design can be limiting in terms of branding space. Given its size, the font used is generally smaller which also reduces the visibility of your brand to the consumers.
  • Its flexible lightweight material with its compact design limits the range of products that you can use to package. The design is not suitable for every product, it is therefore best to take your application into account.
  • Although it’s a cheaper alternative for large-scale productions, the overall cost of utilizing this method may not be friendly if you have a small-scale enterprise. This is because you will require a machine to make the bags and may not be feasible if you only package a few products.
Colored Stick Packs
Colored Stick Packs

Disadvantages of Sachet Pack

The disadvantages of selecting this method of packaging include;

  • Although improvements are being made to incorporate biodegradable materials most manufacturers use non-recyclable material which hurts the environment. These packets often lead to environmental degradation enhanced by their lamination which requires years to degrade
  • Given that the packets are designed for individual use, there is an increased amount of waste generated due to repeated use of these packages. Their compact designs make them difficult to collect after disposal, making their management more difficult.
  • The design is not user-friendly as some consumers find the packing hard to open. This can frustrate the consumers leading them to look for alternative brands.
  • They are designed as single-use and can only be used for limited product quantities. It is not suitable for larger quantities which can also increase production cost as alternative solutions for larger quantities can be required. This makes it suitable for large-scale enterprises that produce large quantities of the product.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Between Stick Pack and Sachet Pack

There are several factors that you should take into account when choosing the most suitable type of packaging for your application. These factors include;

  • The characteristics of the product you wish to package should be taken into consideration. The type of product you have will determine the best type of packaging for you.
  • There are a variety of materials that are used to design these packages. You can select the best material for your application based on the material’s flexibility, durability, and sustainability.
  • Another key consideration is the format you wish to present your product in. The main difference between these two variations stems from their shape with the sachet being flat and rectangular and stick picks taking on a longer tubular appearance.
  • The amount of products you wish to contain in a singular packet should also be factored in. Both stick packs and sachet are ideal for limited quantities.
  • Packaging speeds can also help you select the most suitable method of packaging for you. This is largely dependent on the type of machine you select as well as your production capacity.
Colored Sachet Packs
Colored Sachet Packs

Applications of Stick Pack vsSachet Pack

These packaging solutions offer a versatile packaging solution for various applications. The type of application best suited for a given product can be determined by the physical properties of the product. These different applications include;

Stick Pack Applications

  • Dry powders
  • Single-serve applications
  • Sample sizes
  • Drink products, powder
  • Granule products
  • Snacks,
  • Supplements, vitamins, and other single doses of medications.

Sachet Pack Applications

  • Foods products
  • Cream gel
  • Lotions
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Soaps
  • Hand wash
  • Detergents


Although both packaging methods are designed for the same function, their differences make them ideal for different applications. You should therefore consider all their properties before selecting the best packaging solution for you.

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