Sticker Labeling Machine for Various Applications

Just as the name implies, this is a machine we use for placing labels on the surface of our products. We are going to have an in-depth look at the different types and their application areas.

Types of Sticker Labeling Machines

Sticker Labelling Machine
Sticker Labelling Machine

There are very many products you can label having different shapes and sizes and made of different materials. This means that each of them will have its labeling requirements.

We have different types of sticker label machines that are suited for every one of these product containers. They can enable you to fulfill each labeling need of your application in its condition.

We can classify them into the following broader categories:

Based On the Degree of Automation

In this category, we classify the labelers based on the level of advancement in the technology used in their design. The level of automation will affect the machine’s speed, price, and even its configuration.

Let us have a look at the three types of labelers available in this category:

Manual Sticker Labeling Machine

If you want to upgrade from hand labeling but don’t have a huge financial muscle to flex, this is the right labeler for you. They can label at a rate of about 1000 labels per hour.

Their main advantage is that you will need very minimal training to operate them and setting them up is quite easy. Their main application is commonly in labeling round bottles and containers having a diameter of about 1.5”-5”.

Manual Sticker Labeling Machine
Manual Sticker Labeling Machine

They can either be round jars or round bottles that are made from plastic or glass.

Semi-Automatic Sticker Labelling Machine

These are an upgrade from the manual labelers that you operate by either a hand switch or activate using your foot. These machines are controlled electronically although you have to physically initiate the process as the operator.

You have to manually place the product using your hands before initiating your machine. Removing your labeled container is also done manually.

You can apply this machine to label various types of containers on both sides. You can also label packaging by placing self-adhesive labels on them.

We highly recommend this labeler if your production quantity is very small. They are also widely used in placing batch numbers on products.

Semi automatic Sticker Labelling Machine
Semi-automatic Sticker Labelling Machine

Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine

This labeler is fully automated and equipped with a conveyor belt responsible for positioning your containers for labeling. Its accuracy is exceptional since your labels are precisely placed on your containers.

You can use this machine for labeling all types of containers provided you are handling a very high production capacity. You can easily adjust its parameters to fit the dimensions of a variety of containers.

Automatic Sticker Labelling Machine
Automatic Sticker Labelling Machine

Based On Equipment Running Direction

Your labeler can have your containers either being processed inline or moving in a rotary kind of way during labeling. The major difference between these two is how your containers are handled.

For an inline sticker labeler, the bottles are positioned on a conveyor while the label is being applied. As for the rotary sticker labeler, the containers are moved from one turret to the next during the sticker application.

Inline Sticker Labeling Machine

You can use them for simple applications such as placing sticker wrap labels on bottles at a rate of 50 per minute. You will find mechanical adjustments that you can adjust to accommodate different container heights and sizes.

Inline Sticker Labelling Machine
Inline Sticker Labelling Machine

Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

These labelers normally operate at very high speeds and can label your containers at a rate of about 500 per minute. You can have several labeling stations in one labeler unit depending on the speed of your unit.

You can use it to label containers of various shapes including rectangular, cylindrical, or square in either glass or plastic form. This is commonly in use in the food industry, chemical industry, and for labeling wines and drinks.

Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine
Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

Based On the Labeling Function

We categorize the labeler based on the nature of the sticker label and the purpose it serves on your container. Let us dive into some of these labelers and how you can apply them:

Flat Sticker Labeling Machine

This is a labeler that you can use to place sticker labels on the top surface of different containers and packages. Their application is found in several industries such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage ones.

You can label cartons, container lids, caps, and many other containers. You can use a single labeler unit to place sticker labels on different containers of varied shapes and sizes with appropriate adjustments.

Flat Sticker Labelling Machine
Flat Sticker Labelling Machine

Side Sticker Labeling Machine

This machine places sticker labels on the sides of your containers. The labels can be placed either on one side or on both sides.

These labelers commonly find their application in the food packaging industries, household commodities, and even the cosmetic industry. You can label materials such as glass, plastic, or carton containers.

These labels contain details such as the batch number or the ingredients used to make the product.

Side Sticker Labelling Machine
Side Sticker Labelling Machine

Corner Sticker Labeling Machine

You can use this machine to place a sticker label on two different surfaces that are adjacent to each other. This is usually on the top or bottom flat side and the side plane of your box or container.

The main reason for these stickers is to prevent any form of tampering or disassembly before your product reaches the end user. It is applied across all industries during the packaging of their products.

Corner Sticker Labelling Machine
Corner Sticker Labelling Machine

An example is the packaging of electronic products or boxes containing medicine. These tamper-evident labels enhance the security of your products to meet the industry’s security requirements.

Wrap-Around Sticker Labeling Machine

This labeler places stickers on your container by rolling them around their surface. It is a very simple labeling process when we compare it to the common pick-and-place labeling technique.

The advantage of this labeling is that you get a lot of printing space for your product information. You can include any necessary information about your product in one label.

Although commonly used in applications having round or cylindrical shapes, you can still use it on any other container. The container is normally either fully wrapped with the sticker label or partially with the label on its circumference.

Wrap Around Sticker Labelling Machine
Wrap Around Sticker Labelling Machine

Based On Your Container’s Running Direction

When we are categorizing labelers using this, their major application should strictly be the labeling of round containers. We can classify them into either vertical or horizontal sticker labeling machines.

Vertical Sticker Labeling Machine

The containers are placed inside a vertical wrap machine while positioned in an upright way. You can either label your containers partially or opt for fully labeling them.

They are used for labeling containers having a slight taper. Examples include pesticide bottles, food containers, and those having cosmetic products.

Vertical Sticker Labelling Machine
Vertical Sticker Labelling Machine

Horizontal Sticker Labeling Machine

You have to place your containers inside horizontal wrap machines while positioning them on their side. These containers are usually round containers having minimal stability.

They usually have small rounded bottoms and include pharmaceutical vials and syringes. You can also use it to label pens and even ampoules.

Horizontal Sticker Labelling Machine
Horizontal Sticker Labelling Machine

Based On the Type Of Label

Stickers can be made from various materials each with its adhesive way of sticking onto your container surface. Let us analyze the various types of labelers based on the type of labels they give:

Wet Glue Sticker Labeling Machine

You can use this machine to apply paper labels on your round containers such as plastic or glass jars, cans, and beer bottles. They use glue in liquid form at room temperature to place stacks of labels on the surface of rigid containers.

Wet Glue Sticker Labelling Machine
Wet Glue Sticker Labelling Machine

They are best suited for applications having a wet environment such as the liquid filling industry. These labels are extremely decorated to give your product an aesthetic appeal.

Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine

We can also refer to this labeler as a pressure-sensitive labeling machine. The labels you will use here are pre-glued and are placed on your machine joined to a release paper.

The labels move from a reel and detach from the release film before the labeler places them on your container. A roller will exert some form of pressure that will bind them to the surface of the container.

Self adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine
Self-adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine

You can use this machine for labeling products that have soft packaging or even rigid ones. They are also preferred in instances where your product is exposed to heat or water that can damage the label.

Hot Melt Glue Sticker Labeling Machine

This is similar to the wet glue labeler but with different adhesives. In this machine, adhesive is heated into a liquid state before applying it to your labels.

You will find this type of labeler commonly used for applications requiring wrap-around labels that cover a huge part of the container.

Hot melt Glue Sticker Labelling Machine
Hot melt Glue Sticker Labelling Machine

They have glue dispensing nozzles that apply the glue to the labels just before the rotary plates place them on the container surface. This type of gluing is very accurate and precise.


Sticker labeling is a multifaceted process that entails several aspects to be put into consideration. These include the size of your label and container, the shape of your product, and the type of label used.

All these will determine the type of sticker labeling machine that you are going to use. We have given you a look at some of the available ones with the recommended areas of application.

With this knowledge, you can now make an informed decision on which ones serve your application best.

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