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LOM has grown steadily over the years with great success because we never forget that customer satisfaction is always the number one priority; our clients come first. Here are some of the benefits of using our product:

  • This device can be utilized for filling fluids which have very low thickness to profoundly gooey ones.
  • Ideal for filling pet CBD oils, fundamental oils, creams and moisturizers.
  • Can be automatic filling and capping, shrink labeling.
Automatic Tincture Filling Machine
Automatic Tincture Filling Machine

An automatic Tincture Filling Machine is a device used for filling bottles with tinctures, medicines, and other liquids. Tinctures are usually filled using a hand-operated or power-driven piston pump, but this machine is faster and used in industries that do mass production of tinctures

Semi-Automatic Tincture Filling Machine
Semi-Automatic Tincture Filling Machine

This device is one of our most revolutionary products. This machine is designed to be easy to operate and easy on the budget. And you need to buy a semi automatic or manual capper independently

Manual Tincture Filling Machine
Manual Tincture Filling Machine

This machine helps you filling your tincture bottles with the right amount of liquid. This saves you a lot of time because it eliminates the need for pouring liquids and prevents the risk of spillage and wastage

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Tincture Filling Machine- FAQ Guide

What is a Tincture Filling Machine?

What is a tincture filling machine

A tincture filling machine is used to fill tinctures with liquid, mainly by businesses that produce and sell these products.

This machine can fill the liquid part of a tincture or pill with the desired substance.

This equipment is typically used for filling substances or medicines.

The filling process usually occurs under the supervision of a pharmacist, who analyzes the contents to ensure they are consistent with the filling formula and do not have any harmful effects on other pharmaceuticals being handled.

What are the Components of the Tincture Filling Machine?

A tincture filling machine consists of three main parts: a casing, a filling head, and an ejection head.

The casing supports the other components of the machine, forming its outer shell.

When you need to fill a tincture bottle with liquid, the filling head opens to take in liquid from a hopper underneath and dispenses it into the bottle.

Closing this opening seals the tincture container, allowing you to store or export your product without any leaks.

Next, the machine activates the ejection head to use a vaporizer, heating the liquid to vaporize and fill the surrounding area.

These three components together make up the tincture filling machine.

The casing is constructed from PVC plastic and includes a large hopper underneath and an opening for the filling head.

It has two sides, one for receiving the product from below and the other for dispensing the product from above.

The dispensing side of the casing can be opened and closed automatically.

What are the components of the tincture filling machine

The filling head is the component that takes in liquid from the hopper underneath it and releases it into a tincture bottle.

It uses a programmable digital valve to allow this to happen.

The tincture bottles are filled in a precise amount with zero leakage.

This filling head is also designed with an ejection head on top to dispense its vaporized mist into the air.

Another component of the tincture filling machine is the ejection head used to heat and vaporize your tincture product.

This vaporizing process will ensure that all your bottles are filled with a full mist of the desired tincture.

Vaporization also prevents your liquid from making any unwanted contact with oxygen to preserve its formula.

All these components are enclosed in a metal casing that is meant to protect them from external elements and make it last longer.

How does the Tincture Filling Machine Work?

A tincture filling machine is designed to process liquid medication into a dry powdered form.

The machine has many glass tubes stacked on top of each other and zigzag back and forth.

In the middle is a pan where the liquid medication is placed.

The tubes are filled with powder for the medicine to be mixed, which then falls through the tubes as they zigzag back and forth, flowing over the liquid mixture inside.

The powder mixes with the liquid until it reaches an even consistency.

This is when the tincture is thoroughly mixed, ready to be transferred to a bottle.

The tincture filling machine has many parts; it is made up of three main parts: the processing unit (the tubes), the feeder (powder blending motor), and the bagging unit (bagging system).

The time needed to complete this machine starts from preparing new medication for filling.

The liquid medication is taken out of the original bottle and poured into a filling machine.

The tubes are filled with powder for the medicine to be mixed, which then falls through the tubes as they zigzag back and forth, flowing over the liquid mixture inside.

The powder mixes with the liquid until it reaches an even consistency. This is when the tincture is thoroughly mixed, ready to be transferred to a bottle.

The speed of operation depends on how fast or slow these machines can work. It will therefore depend on the time needed to process the liquid medication.

The tincture filling machine is designed to take about 4-5 minutes to process a bottle, which can be done using a single person.

The time needed for this depends on how much is being filled.

To ensure patients have what they need, the tincture filling machine must work as quickly as possible.

This means that feeders must not be too slow in their operation and that powder blending motors should have enough power.

The tincture filling machine comes with a bagging system, which takes an empty bottle and places it in a bag.

This can then be placed in the tincture filling machine, which is made into a small cardboard box.

This is filled with cotton wool to stop the medicine from touching its metal sides and keep it clean.

To ensure safety, the tincture filling machine has a lock that stops unauthorized people from accessing it.

How many bottles can a tincture filling machine fill per hour?

A tincture filling machine can fill approximately 24 bottles per hour. This number is dependent on the size of the bottles and the customer requirements.

How many bottles can a tincture filling machine can fill per hour

Tincture filling machines can fill over 24 bottles in an hour.

It all depends on what type of tinctures you are using (small or large bottles) and if there are any customers required to pick up their product as soon as it’s done being filled, which can lower production speed.

With the Use of the Tincture Filling Machine, how can You Ensure that the Bottles Filled are at the Same Level Every Time?

The tincture filling machine is designed to fill all bottles at the same level.

This is done by one of the main features of this appliance, including its leveling feet, which are always designed to make sure that each bottle is always filled as it is being filled so that no more or less product gets into each bottle than what was designed for.

This prevents any waste from taking place as there is a guaranteed equal amount of product in every bottle.

The tincture filling machine is a more advanced version of the tincture level.

These are two types of products designed to make sure that you always get a full and even amount of product into your bottles.

These machines have different features which are designed to make sure that this happens.

Most people find this type of machine beneficial as you can use it to do many other things such as liquid levels or even dosing measurements for some medications.

What are the Containers that are Appropriate for Using the Tincture Filling Machine?

Since the tincture machine is used mainly for products that contain substances and medicine, the appropriate containers are the usual glass bottles that are used for the medicine.

What are the containers that are appropriate for using the tincture filling machine

A tincture machine is equipment which is used to produce, process, fill, and seal a container with medicinal substances.

The medicine can be in liquid or solid form.

A tincture machine is usually used for products that contain substances and medicines which were previously processed by other machines before they were mixed together with liquids.

Tinctures are derived from alcohol or water mixtures of drugs or herbs dissolved in solution.

How to Check the Overall Quality of the Tincture Filling Machine?

To check the overall quality of the tincture filling machine, the following seven items need to be checked:

  1. The appearance of the surface of the die head and nozzle;
  2. The flexibility of the bellows that controls the suction power;
  3. Whether there is an abnormal noise when you turn on or off;
  4. Whether there is leakage from the filling valve, air vent, powder funnel, and bottle mouthpiece (if applicable);
  5. The stability of the filling action (if applicable);
  6. And finally, the finishing quality of the fill (if applicable).

Also, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Do all parts of the tincture filling machine work as they should?
  2. Are all components of the assembly and accessories in place?
  3. Can you see all parts clearly?
  4. Is there a leaking from any component during the filling process? 5. Any abnormal noise when you turn on or off?
  5. Any abnormal sticky or hard sensation when touching components after use? 7.

What are the Storage Conditions for the Tincture Filling Machine?

The storage conditions for the products produced by the tincture filling machine and the machine itself are essential.

The device has to be kept away from moisture and heat as much as possible.

Too much humidity in the air will cause the machine’s components to corrode, which can contaminate or destroy your product.

Heat can cause these same effects to a lesser extent,, but heat can also expand your product, leading to issues with overfilling containers or creating a “bomb” effect that causes containers to overflow out of control.

To maximize the longevity of your tincture filling machine, you should follow these storage conditions:

Do not store your tincture filling machine with any other chemicals or products.

Do not store the device with the interior parts (i.e., nozzle) in contact with moisture or other chemicals that can cause corrosion and contaminate your product.

Do not allow your device to come in contact with heat sources.

Do not store your tincture filling machine in a garage, basement, or other cold or damp areas where cold can cause the machine to rust and destroy the product.

Do not place your machine on a carpet or other covering material that could cause moisture and heat to build up underneath.

Do not store your tincture filling machine in areas where chemicals can seep into the air as this will contaminate and destroy the product.

What are the Benefits of Using a Tincture Filling Machine Rather than the Traditional Filling?

The benefits of using a tincture filling machine rather than the traditional filling include:

  • Ability to fill your tincture bottles faster, as filling needs only a few minutes and is not as labor-intensive
  • Easier to clean
  • Ability to use less liquid
  • Minimal contamination of the cannabis oil due to airtight seals. Less chance of contamination means you can have confidence in the quality of your product when it’s too fresh for traditional packing methods.

Tincture filling machines have been getting many buzzes lately, with many people trying them out and loving their results.

Considering the many benefits they have to offer, it’s not surprising that more and more people are interested in having one.

A tincture filling machine is a revolutionary tool that is used for making cannabis oil.

Simply put, it looks like an electric toothbrush with a dispensing head. It uses air pressure to push the cannabis oil out of a container and into any empty glass bottle you want.

It can fill individual portions and you can fill about 50 tincture bottles using an ounce of cannabis oil.

The tincture machine comes with a filter setter that can air pressurize the container.

As for the dispensing head, it has three self-sealing, airtight bottles: one for oil and two others for water filtration.

Because you are using an electric toothbrush, you have to get used to using an adapter with the battery pack.

This is because the adapter will allow you to pressurize and dispense any bottle without making a mess because there is no manual pumping.

What Quality Standards Should Tincture Liquid Filling Machine Conform to?

The tincture filling machine should conform to the quality standards of a self-flushing one.

The engine should flush thoroughly after the designated time so that no moisture gets into the filling capsule.

If any water is leftover inside the pill after the machine has finished, it will not retain any flavor or potency.

The best form of the sensor in a tincture filling machine is a pyroelectric sensor like those found on a self-flushing one.

Pyroelectric sensors measure electric current and gravity changes to determine when to flush and when no longer necessary.

The sensor takes about 5-15 minutes to cool down after filling and can be reused to fill another capsule.

A tincture filling machine should also have safety features like those found on a self-flushing one.

The machine should not overheat because of a blocked nozzle or too much pressure, and the cooling fan must turn off when the device has finished filling and flushing.

The flushing cycle of a tincture filling machine should be adjustable so that the user can decide when the machine should begin and end its flushing cycle.

The filling time of a tincture filling machine should not exceed 30 seconds, or there will be no time for the capsules to absorb the liquid inside.

Lastly, the consistency of a tincture filling machine’s fill needs to meet standards similar to those of self-flushing ones.

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