Troubleshooting Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine and Possible Solutions

Vertical form filling machine[VFFS]packaging machine is an automated type of machine designed for packaging commodities like food and other products.

When operating the VFFS machines, there are times you may experience certain problems. Well, some may be simple – you can solve them by making certain adjustments. However, some require repair from a professional team.

1. Jaw Jam

Several factors may cause jaw jams in vertical form-filling packaging machines;

VFFS Machine
VFFS Machine

· Material Issues

This can be caused by tension in the material leading to jamming of the jaws.

You can ensure that the material being used is tensioned properly to avoid jamming in the machine.

· Material Quality

Poor quality of material can cause jaw jamming in the machine. You should use high-quality and consistent material.

2. Problem with Product Flow

· Product Sizes and Shapes

There are different sizes and shapes of the products during packaging thus using the wrong size and shape may cause jaw jamming in the machine.

To avoid unnecessary jaw jamming ensure that the product shape and size are compatible with the machine specification.

Product Distribution

Uneven distribution of products in the vertical form-filling machine can cause jaw jamming.

In addition, you can ensure even distribution of products in the packaging machine to avoid jaw jamming.

3. Mechanical Issue

Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine
Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

· Damage or Worn Out Parts

When there are parts that are damaged or worn out in the machine may lead to jaw jam.

Maintain regular maintenance and repair of worn-out parts of the machine.

· Presence of Foreign Objects

Foreign objects in the vertical form-filling machine obstruct the jaw and can cause a lot of damage.

This can be avoided by regular cleaning of the machine and inspection of the machine.

· Sealing Problems

Improper sealing of the product can lead to contamination of the products, spoilage of the product, and can reduce span shelf life.

Here are some of the possible causes and possible solutions;

4. Temperature Issues

If the temperature is low, the bag may not be sealed properly, and when the temperature is too high the sealing position will melt.

Furthermore, you can ensure the sealing temperature is set well and it is in good condition for packaging material and products.

5. Insufficient Pressure

If the pressure is insufficient in the packing machine it can lead to several problems.

Ensure the sealing jaw is adjusted to provide enough pressure to create a tight seal.

6. Material Quality

Poor quality material may damage the seal. It is important to ensure you purchase good quality materials to avoid damaging the seal.

7. Foreign Materials

Foreign materials such as small pieces of packaging material can get caught in the seal jaw thus leading to seal problems.

This can be avoided by cleaning the sealing area regularly.

8. InaccurateFill Weight

Among other troubleshooting of vertical form-filling packaging machines, inaccurate fill weight is the most common problem faced by VFFS packaging machines.

This is where unevenly filled weight of the product is placed in the bags causing the quality and the quantity of the products.

Illustrating How VFFS Works
Illustrating How VFFS Works

9. Incorrect Setting

When there is an incorrect setting in the machine it can lead to uneven fill weight of the products in the bag.

To avoid such, you can ensure setting of the fill weight machine is set correctly to fill the products.

10. Worn or Damaged Parts.

In case the fill weight is worn out or damaged it can lead to inaccuracy while filling the bags.

Check if any part of the weigh scales is broken and if there is any replace it with a new one.

11. Machine Vibration

Vibration near the equipment can affect the accuracy of the weight scale. Ensure the weigh scales are in a good environment with less vibration.

12. Machine Error Message

Vertical form-filling packaging machines are designed in such a way they are with error messages to alert the operators in case of any defaults.

13. Motor Overload

This type of message error message shows that the machine is running too fast or it may also indicate that the product being packed is heavy for the machine.

To avoid motor overload, check the machine speed and product specification.

14. Sensor Error

Sensor indicates the problem such as dirt and misaligned sensor in the vertical form filling machine.

If there is dirt, clean and secondly adjust the misaligned I necessary.

15. Power Failure

Power failure in the vertical form-filling machine can be caused by several factors such as electric issues or problems with incoming power issues.

To avoid such problems you can ensure to check the power supply and electric issues such as faulty wiring are connected.

16. Communication or Signal Loss

This occurs when the machine software or communication protocols have a problem.

Contact an expert to resolve the problem. The best solution is to contact your machine manufacturer.

17. Bag Formation Issues

Bag formation issue usually occurs when the bags are not forming properly leading to irregularly shaped bags affecting the appearance of the products.

First, this can affect the labeling and packaging of the product. Second, it can lead to an incorrect back seal.

Vertical Packaging Machine
Vertical Packaging Machine

18. Film Issues

You may experience many problems as far as film in the VFFS is concerned:

· Film Jamming

The film may jam or get stuck in the machine. This is caused by foreign objects in the film transport system.

This can be avoided by regularly cleaning the film system.

· Film Breakage

This is a result due to excessive tension in the film. Rough handling in the transport system.

· Film Wrinkle

Film wrinkles can affect the quality and appearance of the packaging. It is mostly caused by the uneven distribution of heat in the sealing area.

Secondly, fill wrinkles can be avoided by checking film tension by adjusting where it is too loose or too tight.

19. Bad Cutting Issues

Apart from other troubleshooting associated with vertical form-filling machines, bag cutting is one of the most common problems.

This is where the packages are evenly sized or not separated and is caused by the following;

  • Dull or damaged cutting blades in the sealing jaw.

Replace any damaged cutting blades and sharpen the dull blades.

  • Incorrect cutting setting.

Ensure the cutting settings are correct for packaging material.

20. Machine Downtime

Machine downtime is avoided by ensuring proper machine setup.

Secondly by analyzing machine settings such as sealing temperature.

Thirdly is by proper maintenance of the machine.

21. Operator Error

Troubleshooting in vertical form-filling packaging machines can be caused by the person in charge of operating the machine.

It is majorly caused by the following;

· Poor training

Provide proper training to the person operating the machine.

· Documentation

Maintain all the documents of the machines such as operating manuals and maintenance. This helps to avoid unnecessary mistakes during maintenance.


Vertical form-filling packaging machines are designed to be reliable during production and on certain occasions some problems may arise during production as mentioned above.

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