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As a professional manufacturer, tube labeling machine is LOM hot selling products, not only for its high quality, fast speed, stable running, but also widely application in many industry fields. Such as CBD business prerolls doobie tube labeling, very well running and good matching with LOM pre-rolls machine. LOM tube labeling machine max speed 80 pcs/min, around 4,800 pcs/hour. We can do 110V electricity, you no need worry for USA Canada market.LOM machine promise lifelong service, once you choose LOM machine, you can always find us, LOM professional after-sale team will offer the fastest and most effective solution.

One stop shop solution for CBD business filling capping labeling packing machine, LOM machine always keep working hard.

Exported years to USA Europe South Asia Africa market, help all over world clients find a solution to improve production efficiency, save labor, save time, and save costs, maximize the optimal profits.

Of course, solution basing on your actual needs, you can affordable, your workshop space can hold machine, you have technician and skilled workers…

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Tube Labeling Machine FAQ Guide

1: What is tube?

Here tube we say is a kind of package type, a long and thin container, and round shape. Daily life, you can see it everywhere, and use it anytime, test tube, blood collection tube, if you know well cbd industry, you will think about prerolls, marijuana joints or hemp flowers joints, very hot products in USA Canada market, its special package called doobie tube.

2: Why do we need to label and why not print directly on the tube?

Well, you can print directly on the tube, or other kind of container.

Then no need tube labeling machine, printing is enough for showing.

Deep reason is different industry, it has unique and default package style. How to say, cosmetic products, 95% package we see they are printing logo and information, can’t see labels or stickers. It is like cosmetic industry default habit, obviously printing is very beautiful and match to cosmetic fancy elegant, pursuit of beauty. And the other reason is, cosmetic products their package shape all very unique and special, total customized work, sometimes no much space for stickers, and if it has enough space, but labeling machine can’t work cause of irregular shape. And we all know manual work much labor cost.

While labeling, put stickers on goods, very popular using on eliquid or ejuice, pre-rolls, cbd oil, pain relieve tinctures, bear gummy jar, olive oil, hand sanitizer etc. You will notice they prefer using stickers, not printing. Like I said it is default habit, no bad or good, just a choice.

For example, if you are looking for prerolls package, doob tube is one way, and popular using, of course you can have your own package style.

Printing or labeling all ok, in general printing may cost more money, compare to labeling.

LOM tube labeling machine, apply to doobie tube, check video.

3: Whether the labeling is not environmentally friendly?

The answer is yes, and we are sorry but it is truth. Long from 1700 years ago, the labels showed up in the Europe as an identification for goods. Nowadays, label has been evolved into many forms. Generally, we can divide them into three types, physical labels, Tags, and Radio Frequency Identification. Despite the forms, the function of labels are always to mark the materials, categories or contents of the products.

Why labeling is not environmentally friendly? The materials were to blame. In the past, people use glue or paste to attach paper labels on their goods, there are two major problems here, one is the glue and paste will solidify after a long time use then lose their viscosity. The other question lies in the paper label, its not easy to save, and the over-printing of these paper labels may even attribute to deforestation. So, the material has been changed nowadays, from paper to plastic, coated paper, aluminum foil, thermal Paper, Self-adhesive paper and etc. The appearance of self-adhesive paper brought a great convenience to labeling.The self-adhesive label material was invented by R-Stanton Avery in the 1930s. Compared with the traditional label, the self-adhesive label does not require glue or batter, and is easy to store, which saves time and effort in several industries. Then the self-adhesive labels were quickly spread to countries all over the world, and a number of categories have been developed based on it.

Nowadays, we know Europe has plastic limit order, PLA materials popular using on containers, packages, from renewable resources and biodegradable. Happy to see it is popular using, although raw material costs much, but we believe whole world scientists will keep research on environmental.

4: What is the tube labeling machine apply for?

It has wide application, tube labeling machine can apply to doobie tube, test tube, collection tube, kid’s pencil box, or some wine or perfume, food industry, pharmacy, medical, cosmetic industry…

For cbd industry, pre-rolls package called doobie tube, usually one pre-roll into one doobie tube.

5:What is the differences of tube labeling machine with vertical labeling machine? Can the two be common?

In general, tube labeling machine or vertical labeling machine, both are labeling machine, differences on products moving method. Vertical labeling machine, very common and widely used in production, bottle or container moving forward during labeling, all stand on conveyor belt, which also bring a little tip, if bottle too small, weight too little, empty not filled, easier fall down on belt before labeling. So too small diameter, like tube, lie down can moving forward, that is why tube labeling machine was developed.

While tube labeling machine, it is horizontal type moving method, tube lie down on belt, no need worry fall down to stop whole production, and its labeling speed faster than vertical.

And, tube labeling machine, vertical labeling machine, they can be common, for example.

If you are in eliquid business, 10ml plastic bottle, no matter chubby gorilla shape or any other design, all working on vertical labeling machine and tube labeling machine.

See this video below,

LOM labeling machine project for eliquid 60ml bottle, same to tube labeling machine, and 60ml also can labeling well on vertical labeling machine.

Meanwhile here is can’t be common, tube labeling machine and vertical labeling machine. Malaysia market, unicorn type eliquid bottle 30ml 15ml popular using, if you are looking for labeling machine, then we suggest tube labeling machine, let bottle lie down, cause very thin and long, easily fall down when labeling, conveyor belt running, little space of bottom stand on belt.

6: Can it be labeled flat? Or only use for round tube?

Tube labeling machine, only use for round tube, it can’t labeled flat.

Reason is simple, not hard to understand, round shape, surface has curve, one pcs label or sticker, tube should rotary during labeling, otherwise label can’t cover enough space and good looking.

While flat container, no need rotary, sometimes one or two sides has enough space for labeling. And two sides is opposite, labeling on same time, check video below.

We have a different labeling machine for flat shape container or box, bottle.

Check video link.

It is for hand sanitizer bottle labeling using, two side labeling.

Flat shape, sometimes only need one side labeling, or like honey like hand sanitizer, square shape, need two or more sides labeling.

7: Can tapered tubes be labeled?

Tapered tubes can be labeled, tilt angle is very important, only slightly tilt is workable, too much angle labeling not evenly, stickers can’t cover enough space you need. If you have drawing of tapered tubes, that would be very helpful, and better for us is receive few samples from your side, if buy from China, also very convenient and easy to arrange samples to us, after received we can let technicians check tubes carefully.

8: Can it befilled first and then labeled?

Tube labeling machine, filled or not fill, empty or not empty tube, depends on tube sizes. Eliquid bottle 10ml can filled and then labeled by tube labeling machine, no problem.Sometimes, after filled, like doobie tube, prerolls inside, seal, then make tube labeling machine working, you will find can’t labeling well, doobie tube bigger and heavier than empty, tube after filled, machine not easy to make it rotary during labeling, no rotary then not much space labeling, sticker can’t spread enough and cover around tube very well, some has wrinkles, not smooth surface.

In summary, labeling machine can be a separate machine, but also very common using at production line, if in a line, mostly it is filled and then labeled. Filled or not filled, it is not a big problem for tube labeling machine, we glad to help you and give professional suggestions, let us know your tube shape, package information, as we said before, sample would be best idea.

9: Why is the tube labeling machine inclined not horizontal?

Tube labeling machine inclined, because of its shape, not round evenly, has angle, tapered tube, top and end different diameter. Assume tapered tube using on horizontal belt, bigger end will stay on belt, but smaller end hang in air, not touch belt, too much gaps, during labeling it is moving, can’t control well, so horizontal or flat level can’t working well for tapered tube.

If your tube round, no diameter differences, all same size, then horizontal no problem. See this video below, we did for eliquid 10ml bottle, conveyor moving at same level.

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