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Vial Filling Machine – Your Ultimate Guide

Different industries use several containers as a packaging of their products. These packaging typically include vial containers. Using this kind of container as a packaging requires a filling-machine. In this article, we will discover the role of the vial-filling machine in different industries especially pharmaceutical. We will also delve into its features, working principles, characteristics, and its types. Keep reading!

Vial Filling Machine for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The vial-filling machines are commonly utilized by the pharmaceutical industry. Its primary use is to fill the vial packaging with different medicinal ingredients. These machines are designed with high durability and are expected to provide precise performance on vial filling operations.

The vial filling machine consists of different filling heads. This allows increased filling rate and ensures higher output. Therefore, meeting the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. There are several models and types of filling machines depending on pharmaceutical applications.

Vial Filling Machine for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Other Uses and Applications

Other Uses and Applications

Although vial-filling machines are commonly used for filling injectable pharmaceutical products, their application is not only limited to this industry. Other applications of this machine include:

Veterinary. Vial-filling machines are used for filling injectable animal products with capacities such as 250ml, 100ml, or 50ml.

Cosmetic. Vial filler is also used for filling cosmetic products such as hair regrowth liquid, serum, and more.

Different Types of Vial Filling Machines

Vial Liquid Filling Machine
Vial Liquid Filling Machine

These machines are used for filling vials with fluids or liquid in different viscosities. It is designed with different components including:

  • Scrambler
  • stopper feeding bowl
  • conveyor
  • unscrambler

Its conveyor belt is responsible for transferring the vial container to the filling station. It is where liquid is filled into the vials. This machine is also integrated with volumetric principle and diving nozzle. Thus, providing a precision and sterile vial liquid filling operation.

Vial Powder Filling Machine
Vial Powder Filling Machine

These types of vial filling machines are used for filling vial containers with powder or granules. The vial powder filling machine can perform different functions including:

  • Washing
  • Sterilizing
  • Filling
  • Sealing
  • Labelling

This machine is composed of different equipment and components that are properly aligned with the filling line. Therefore, ensuring continuous and efficient filling operations.

Injectable Liquid Vial Filling Machine
Injectable Liquid Vial Filling Machine

The injectable liquid filling machine works using extreme pressure. That is why it is also called liquid pressure vial filling machine. During its operation, the injectable liquid will flow into the vial according to its weight. These machines are easy to use while guaranteeing precise amount filling into the vial. It is also integrated with advanced filling mechanism so you can adjust its quantity and filling rate per vial. The injectable liquid filling machine is designed with sensors to function automatically.

Vial Filling and Bunging Machine
Vial Filling and Bunging Machine

The vial filling and bunging machine is composed of different components such as gearbox, pneumatic cylinders, safety guard, motors, and conveyor. This machine is specifically designed with robust construction. Thus, providing maximum protection to the pharmaceutical ingredients against contamination. It plays a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry since it is the only machine to meet its demand when it comes to precision, sterility, large-scale, and rapid production.

Working Principle of a Vial Filling Machine

The bulk amounts of vials are placed into the machine’s unscramble. Then, the vials are moved and transferred into the filling station through its stainless steel conveyor. In this station, the vials are filled with the desired amount of substance. Some machines are designed with multiple heads around 2 to 12, allowing a high-speed filling operation.

After the filling operation, the vials are transferred to the next station to attach the stoppers on each vial’s head. Thus, ensuring that the filled substance is protected, unspoiled, and preserved. It also assures that the filled goods are protected against contamination.

Vial Filling Machine Working Principle


The vial filling machine is composed of different parts including:

  • Main machine
  • Conveyor
  • Unscrambler
  • Stopper feeding bowl

It has 4 to 12 filling heads depending on the application. With its 12 filling heads, a machine can fill up to 12,000 vials/hour.

Aside from filling operations, it can also perform sealing, washing, and labelling.

This machine is equipped with a safety guard to protect all its components. Thus, extending the machine’s life span.

The vial filling machine can also provide up to +/-1% accuracy in its single dose. It can fill vial in different sizes ranging from 1ml to 100ml.

Vial Filling Machine Characteristics

Important Features

  • No vial – No fill system
  • Diving nozzle to ensure foam-free filling
  • No-stopper – machine stop system
  • Automatic infeed and exit of vial
  • High accuracy


In summary, vial filling machine is widely used not just in pharmaceutical but also in veterinary, cosmetics, and more industries. It allows high-speed filling operations while maintaining precision and accuracy. There are also different types of vial filling machine and each has its own function and features. If you need these machines for your application, CBD Machine can be your trusted supplier. Contact us for more details!

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