Vinegar Filling Machine

Your Ultimate Guide to Vinegar Filling Machine

Vinegar is a liquid acetic acid and usually produces foam during the filling process. Whether it is balsamic or wine-vinegar, a good filling machine can be a great help to ensure filling accuracy and precision. In this article, we will provide you with rich knowledge about vinegar filling machine. We will also discuss the key elements of these machine including its features, advantages, and different types. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Vinegar Filling Machine?

A filling machine is an important equipment in packaging various products including vinegar. The vinegar bottling lines is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the vinegar industry.

These machines are capable of preserving the vinegar’s aroma and flavor. However, it does not affect its characteristics. Thus, making it an ideal machine for vinegar producers.

It can help vinegar producers to have maximum bottling flexibility, fast bottle size changeovers, accurate filling, and high production output.

Vinegar Filling Machine

Features of a Vinegar Filling Machine

Vinegar Filling Machine
Vinegar Filling Machine

Here are some important features of these machines:

  • It is suitable for filling different bottle sizes. This machine can fill any bottle size in just a few minute.
  • Integrated with PLC control system, highly automated function, and frequency control.
  • The machine is constructed inline with the GMP standard.
  • The filling needle of the machine is designed with anti-dripping feature to prevent foaming.
  • Designed with external feeding tank with pump, spray ball, infeed valve, and level control.
  • Suitable for both body handling and neck handling.

Types of Vinegar Filling Machine

Vinegar Filling Machine
Gravity Fillers

Gravity vinegar filling machines can fill bottles with a time-based volumetric filling process. It has an elevated tank that holds the vinegar product while the bottles are arranged under the filling nozzles. The filling nozzles are opened and release the vinegar products according to the amount set prior to the process.

Vinegar Filling Machine
Piston Fillers

Piston vinegar fillers works by filling the cylinder first with the vinegar products. Then, the piston will push the vinegar product from the cylinder into the containers under the filling nozzles. Piston fillers allow the cylinder to have unchanged vinegar product volume. Therefore, achieving a high accuracy volumetric filling.

Handles Different Types of Vinegar Container

Vinegar Filling Machine

Advantages of Vinegar Filling Machine

Different bottle sizes

These machines can fill vinegar to containers with different sizes ranging from 100cc to 1 gallon.

Easy to Operate

With its PLC controller, vinegar fillers are easy to operate, user-friendly, and convenient to use.


Depending on the machine’s configuration it can provide 15-30 minutes bottle size changeover.

High production capacity

With these machines, vinegar producers can pack their products up to 1500 bottles per hour.


A vinegar filling machine is important for the vinegar producers. With its excellent features, this machine can provide lots of advantages including high-accuracy and precision filling. Whether you are purchasing vinegar filling machine for your starting or existing business, choose one that perfectly fits your requirements.

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