What is a Piston Filler?

Piston fillers, or filling machines, are very unique machines. You might have heard of this machine and want to know in detail what it does. This article will provide you with all the vital details you need, including what the machine is, its advantages, its different parts, how it works, and its applications. Let’s delve in.

What is a Piston Filling Machine?

A piston filler, which is a type of volumetric filling machine, is a machine that fills containers using a piston and a cylinder. This machine fills products that are liquid and paste-only.

Piston Filler Working Principle
Piston Filler Working Principle

Advantages of Piston Filler Machine

  • Made to handle various types of liquid products

You need to know that liquids of thick and thin nature can be filled with these machines. Although a piston filler is perfect for filling products of all viscousities, they are made to fill those with large particulates as well. They can be used in filling products of a thin nature too.

  • Different nozzle types are available

The fact that piston fillers come with the feature of having their nozzles changed when needed is amazing. So, different nozzles are designed to ensure all your product filling needs are met.

  • Accuracy in volumes is always maintained

Per each filling cycle, you need to understand that piston-filling machines do not change in fill volume. The same volume it filled the first cycle with will continue till the batch or number is done. Due to this, there is no way you will have your products in different sizes.

  • Can fill different container sizes and materials

Due to the different sizes that cylinders and pistons come in, you can make use of these machines to fill large and small containers. However, the piston sizes required will always change based on the container sizes.

  • Come in both semi-automatic and automatic models

A piston filler will mostly come in both semi-automatic and automatic models. Some of these filler machines work with all the features available.

Semi-automatic types will just need some help from operators. However, that is never the case with automatic types. This is because they are designed not to welcome much help from an operator.

Parts of Piston Filling Machines

Every type of filling machine comes with parts. These parts work together to make sure the machine is functioning well. Piston filling machines come with their own unique parts, too. They include:

Parts of Piston Filling Machine
Parts of Piston Filling Machine

Figure 2 Parts of piston filling machine

  • Piston

This part works by pulling the liquid, or paste, from the hopper into the cylinder.

  • Hopper

The hopper keeps large quantities of the liquid or paste that must be filled into or dispensed into containers.

  • Piston Cylinder

The cylinder is designed to help ensure that the filling machine fills containers at the same volume.

  • Valve

This part works by opening and closing. This allows and stops the flow of liquid or paste through the machine’s nozzle or nozzles.

  • Nozzles

Nozzles distribute or dispense liquid or paste from the cylinder of the machine into fixed containers.

How Piston Filler Works

Below is how the piston filler machine works:

Piston Filling Machine
Piston Filling Machine

Step 1: Move Liquid/Paste into the Cylinder

To begin, the liquid or paste product is moved into the cylinder from the hopper with the help of the valve (it does its work by opening to make this release happen).

Step 2: Filling the Cylinder

Secondly, the liquid or paste is pulled from the hopper with the help of a piston until the cylinder is filled to the maximum.

Step 3: Flowing to the Nozzle

Thirdly, when the piston pulls to the right length, the liquid or paste, with the help of the valve, flows to the nozzle. Then, the piston moves right back into the cylinder. This move backward helps liquid or paste move smoothly through its nozzles.

Step 4: Distribution or Dispensing of Liquid

Finally, the dispensing of liquid or paste is done through nozzles into containers already set and ready.

Application of Piston Filling Machine

A piston filler is a type of volumetric filling machine that is made to fill containers with paste and liquid. So some applications include:

  • Creams and soaps in the form of liquids and pastes are used in the cosmetic industry.
  • For makeup and body enhancement products in the beauty industry.
  • Filling medications in the health industry.
  • To fill different containers like oil, tomato puree, etc. in the medical industry.
  • Package liquid soaps and other detergents in the cleaning industry.
  • To package kerosene, turpentine, and others in the petroleum industry.

At LOM, we offer highly efficient and reliable piston-filling machines for a wide range of applications. For all your piston fillers, contact us now.

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