What is a Volumetric Filler?

Volumetric filler is a type of machine that is automated to fill in the container with a certain amount of quantity of liquids, measured by the volume displaced.

Advantages of Volumetric Filling Machine

Volumetric Filler
Volumetric Filler

· Accurate

Volumetric filling machine is more accurate compared to other filling machines. They are designed to distribute a specific volume of products with high accuracy.

Volumetric filling machine ensures that each container is filled with the exact amount of products.

· Speed

If you are looking for high-speed filling, then you can consider volumetric fillers.

This type of machine is designed to have a high speed when filling the container. This helps to reduce the time spent in production and increases output.

· Flexibility

Volumetric machine is designed in such a way that they can be easily adjusted to handle in different different types of products and container sizes.

It can also be used in different applications.

· Reduce Labor Cost

Since a volumetric filling machine automatically fills the container, it helps to reduce the labor cost since few operators shall be needed to run it.

· Easy to Operate

Looking at most volumetric filling machine designs, they are easy to operate.

Volumetric filling machine are designed in such a way they can be operated by anyone with little experience and thus requires little experience or minimal training to use it.

· Easy to Maintain

Volumetric filling machines are easy to maintain and clean with minimal time. This is quite beneficial for your normal operations.

· Safe and Hygienic

Volumetric filling machines are safe and hygienic making them ideal for use in the food industry and pharmaceutical industries.

They are constructed with food-grade materials to ensure food contamination is very minimal.

· Cost Effective

Volumetric filling machines are designed to be accurate and efficient thus helping to reduce waste minimize the use of materials and save money.

· Its Automatic

Volumetric filling machines are automatically designed and can fill in the containers with the products.

· Versatility

Volumetric filling machines are able to handle a wide range of products making them versatile and a better option for many different types of packaging operation.

Types of Volumetric Filling Machines

There are different types of volumetric filling machines as mentioned below;

Gravity Fillers

This type of filler holds the product in a tank located above the filling nozzles and uses gravity to help in the filling process. It uses of gravity to dispense the liquid into the container.

Gravity Filler
Gravity Filler

Piston Fillers

This type of volumetric filler is mainly used to push the product into the waiting container and allows the operator to adjust the filling volume as needed.

Piston Filler
Piston Filler

Pump Fillers

Pump fillers add a little push to get thicker liquids into the container.

Pump Filler
Pump Filler

Time–Based Filling Machine

These types of machines distribute liquid for a specific amount of time rather than measuring the volume of liquid being distributed. Besides, the filling volume is then calculated based on the weight.

Weight-Based Filling Machine

The machine uses a weight sensor to measure the weight of the liquid and the volume is calculated based on the weight and the density of the liquid.

Weight Based Filling Machine
Weight-Based Filling Machine

How Does Volumetric Filler Work?

Volumetric filler machines fill the container with a consistent volume of the product using a time-based and weight-based principal. It uses a combination of sensors, valves, and some other components to accurately measure the volume of the products in the container.

The first process begins with the container being placed in a convey belt and transported to the filling station. At the filling station, the containers are then positioned underneath the filling nozzles which are connected to a product hopper.

The hopper is then filled with the products that need to be distributed and the volumetric filler is programmed to dispense a certain amount of product into each container.

The containers are then transported to the sealing station once they are filled. At the sealing station, the containers are sealed to avoid any spilling and leakage of the products.

Volumetric Filler Working Principle
Volumetric Filler Working Principle

After the containers are carefully sealed, they are moved to the labeling stations where each container is labeled.

The containers are then moved to the packaging stations where they are carefully packed and ready for shipping or transportation.

Volumetric Filling Machine Method vs Other Filling Techniques.

Level Filler

Level filler machine is designed to fill up the container up to a certain level while the volumetric filling method fills in the container with a precise volume of the product in use.

Volumetric filling method is where they consider precise filling important while the level filler method is where precise volume is not considered important.

Level Filler
Level Filler

Volumetric filling method is used in pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries while level filler is used in cosmetic and house hold chemical industries.

Net Weight Filler

Net weight filler uses a scale to weigh containers and fill them until the determined weight has been reached. They are easy to clean compared to volumetric filling method they don’t come in contact with the products.

Net Weight Filler
Net Weight Filler


Volumetric filling machine fills the container with a consistent volume of the products through a time based filling principle. They can also be used in various applications as mentioned above.

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